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  1. must be a conspiracy against Derby. By the way our chairman not at Preston today . Sore throat.
  2. some more south Yorkshire Neanderthals tomorrow . six fingered Barnsley. good luck .
  3. anyway Neanderthals 6pts good fancy footballers nul point
  4. look I know you are a better team, but you are below us in the fair play. I haven't made that up. so if we are bullies? You must be dragging us down to your level. as you said about our style of football. you must agree on that.
  5. I know we are precieved as a dirty team . but have a check at the fair play league.
  6. I despair. some good fans on here.
  7. I know you have history, and fair do's. but at the moment you are like other ex prem teams. You have to be patient and not giving the . we should be beating ...etc etc.
  8. that was from the bench. If you could hear Mr Stewart from row z. good on you.
  9. being a nosey sod I was watching both forums. The results wereas normal. we were blaming ref. you were blaming ref. one thing I didn't agree with. when one of your fans , said we were dragging us down to their level. you actually are at our level.
  10. you'll beat us next time. why do people say we are a team of lamp posts? 😁
  11. Thing is we don't have a manager really. Paul Warne was our fitness coach. we were saving pennies again.
  12. The stadium is small but enclosed. only 12000 capacity. One thing I have to say. when it was built 50.000 tones of rubble raise the ground above flood level. We have won numerous awards for the state of our pitch. the drainage is second to none. think that was a new call off the other day.
  13. Correct sir, a true gent.
  14. Excuse me. Mr Rooney called him classless? I can't get my breath.
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