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  1. 150k signing by Nigel Clough….unbelievable value….👍
  2. Looked like something kicked off on the roundabout near the Audi garage yesterday - anyone see anything?? Also I don’t believe the crowd was 22,900 yesterday….looked more than that to me
  3. On a completely side note and apologies if this has been mentioned…. what the hell was that smell in the east stand concourse/bogs?????? WTF!!!
  4. Yes always there 😂😂 Having said that it has changed positions now so maybe that’s it 🐏👍🍺
  5. Amazing day that was Ramage with the first and celebrating in front of the tree turds and then pop side. Saunders bullet header for the winner 🐏
  6. Cheers pal - 😂😂😂 yes the big white tent is the fan park but like everything else round there its been closed 🤣🤣 anyone in the pub yet?
  7. Can anyone tell me if the fan park is open tomorrow??? Cheers
  8. Anyone know if there is any interview with Rooney on radio, social media etc? ive got radio Derby on and listening to a load of 💩 in the hope they will play an interview with him 🤣🤣
  9. Agree Roy Mac - let’s hope so 🐏🐏🍺🍺🤞
  10. 🤞🐏⚽️🍺👍 hope this is true but then doesn’t really add up with what Nixon was saying earlier…
  11. Surely there is something we can do as fans to protest against this??? It’s a f’in disgrace
  12. Hopefully as per Chris Coles update earlier in the week this will be sorted this week….otherwise it will be a very very tough start to the season!! COYR 🐏
  13. Not getting into the ‘I’m a better fan than you’ debate but tbf…. Some have a very strange way of supporting and backing their team don’t they?? We all know the situation we’re in - absolutely shocking and we all want it sorting? But this is when DCFC needs the fans more than ever. Some love to moan about every single thing that happens. I know several people who visit this and other forums and don’t bother posting or visiting often. It’s just toxic/negative comments half the time. Not a DCFC problem just the nature of fickle football fans I know!
  14. No idea - wish I did though…. He’s been very active again today with his posts….seems credible but we’ve been here before eh!!
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