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  1. Yup and therefore we are in agreement that it doesn't matter what the pubs put in place, it's not them that has any control over the spread of the virus. Luckily you have found a pub where everyone follows these, however most others that has people under the influence are subject to impulsive behaviour, poor memory, and slowed reflexes. Hence why this sector has been forced to close.
  2. And spreading the virus, hence why I said you had found a COVID free pub.
  3. I reckon most of the posters on the COVID thread will be top of the list for numbers of the ignore list and yup I include me on this. I do find it the most interesting though just for the varied opinions.
  4. Once again apologies I though I had quoted this earlier.
  5. I put it above, sorry the quote "wasn't" was a paraphrase which I was in the process of editing before you replied. ignore the above. I thought I had quoted you but I hadn't. let me find it...
  6. You said that the pubs you had gone in "wasn't when everyone was breaking the rules and spreading the virus." What did you mean then ?
  7. I gave you some quotes about the hospitality venues, sorry maybe I missed what you were trying to say on that ? I don't remember agreeing or disagreeing with any figures you put, only that based on the things I quoted yesterday, why I would close them ?? I could also add, I have several mates who i spoke to.... Yes I have friends, well mostly work colleagues if you want to get technical from all over the country, I work for a company where my team is spread over lots of different locations and I'm very lucky to be able to work from Derby due to new technology. Hopefully that clears that u
  8. Apologies, you didn't state that you had found a COVID free pub, my mistake, just ones that had stopped the spreading of the virus... My bad.
  9. Facebook, Twitter etc... is social media, hence friends on their, who work in the NHS, not sure why this is any less reliable than your supposed friends that work for the NHS ? Once again though you do deflect for the point I was asking. As I said, if your "friends" work in admin, they probably won't be any busier, if it's the ICU wards, then I'm not doubting it, but would seem different to the rest of the country but you seem reluctant to share that info so that can be discussed / reviewed.
  10. If it's the COVID thread then you will be left with around one page 😂
  11. All I'm hearing from people that work in the NHS is how busy the ICU units are, how they are running out of beds and staff qualified to treat the patients. This is across the country, based on both people I speak to (mainly their other halves to be factually correct) or social media. I then see a post that states something similar and not for the first time you counter that with the people you have spoken to, are no busier than normal. Now that could be because they are admin, work in a ward that is always busy or some other reason. It could also be because they reside in an area that
  12. Might be a bit warm for the lap given the temps the GPU reportedly runs at 🔥
  13. Come on, you telling me that saying the hospital of where someone works that has told you that they no busier than last year, is going to get someone sacked...don't know how many thousand work at Derby for example, but how do determine who that was ?
  14. Why not ? Im interested, if you are happy using these as anecdotal evidence of the NHS not being as busy or stories not being factually correct, why not say which hospital it is.
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