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  1. It's a possibility, but a very remote one from what I have read. The ICU beds have been overrun, which is what I meant, from a younger generation I can understand the view point of disagreement with lockdown based on risk. For me, today marked the reopening of the country with grassroots football, I don't want to risk that being closed again, so a safe approach is something I'm not adverse to, hopefully to get rid of the thing once and for all. (Yup, I know it will never go completely)
  2. 40 million possible hosts, only 3k ICU beds is one risk, the other is the country being overrun again with cases and the virus mutates, vaccine becomes ineffective etc. My own opinion is that it even without the passports we would be fine, but it seems a "better safe than sorry" approach is being taken.
  3. As I said, Pep, Jose, the best do it, just because one way works for you doesn't mean it's the best way for others. If I do my job wrong I get publicly shamed, I'd also probably get sacked if I continue to do it. Football is nothing like what we do though, so IMO no comparison.
  4. Sorry pal I'm not sure the logic in that. One I didn't say it was Cocus fault, I was merely replying to the point that the poster referred to the football being like Cocus and I said WR hasn't had the time to bring his own players in to play his brand of football. Secondly though, if Cocu had all then problems and was an excuse for our league position, did then problems suddenly disappear when Rooney took over 😳 And lastly, points per game, under Rooney we would be well clear of the drop zone by now had he been in charge all season would we not ?
  5. That's fair enough, but doesn't he deserve the chance to see how he does. Id quite happily take a Billy D season over any we have had in the past 10 seasons, save the pretty football for when we established in the PL. Same as I'd take a euro win playing effective football under Southgate rather than pretty football and losing in the quarter.
  6. Fair enough, but it seems that these top managers seem to disagree with you. Some have even done documentaries where they call players out when they are putting the effort in.
  7. So any manager calling out players as he did is a no, no ? Are you saying the likes of Pep for example or others considered the best in the world would never do it 🤔
  8. Results game at the moment, Rooney had pretty much said so. Cocu had pre season and several windows to bring his own players in, I will look forward to the games next season a lot more than I would in the division below, which is where we were heading. Rooney gets us to stay in the division and gets no credit for it, all down to one player, loses a game or plays turgid football and it's all his fault and should be sacked...says it all really 🤣
  9. So I caveat every post with I may be wrong to back up an opinion on something that would take 30 seconds to google. It's not about being an expert, had the post being not being necessary because of risk or something like that fair enough, but It wasn't, it was based on something that just isn't true. Im sure the poster would admit, if I put something about Derby's owner for example that wasn't correct they'd be very quick to point out the mistake, caveated or not. Just my opinion, battling a virus that kills and with the way "false news" can spread and the way people take it on
  10. The vaccine does prevent transmission. Both the moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 90% effective at preventing transmission after 2nd dose and 80% after 1st dose, AZ slightly less I believe. Not just your post, but people are too happy to give their opinion on what should or shouldn't be done without even knowing what they are talking about. I'm not sure if the list is correct or not, but the biggest risk to the country is the people who aren't vaccinated, there is no doubt about that. The argument about the under 50s being at little risk is true, but once again it's around the ones t
  11. Just because it's not unusual doesn't make it less embarrassing. Manager takes over team stranded at bottom to safety, with limited resources, off the field headlines including a failed takeover, deserves sack no matter what...sounds a bit ridiculous to me, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions 😀
  12. New series has started in Disney channel. Found it quite good, but would only admit it on a anonymous forum 🤣
  13. Not sure to be honest, I think with a pre season in place this squad should finish mid table. With a couple of additions, then the play offs could be a possibility, not because we are a good team but the standard of this league is poor, confidence is a massive factor.
  14. Good to see Bird back in, our best youngster imo. Needs movement and options in front of him though, hopefully this set up provides him with that.
  15. CBs generally develop later in their career, good young CBS are few and far between. It's not just this country, whereas players in the wider areas develop and play much more football at a younger age.
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