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  1. Wassall may have been let go, he was removed as a director from the academy last week
  2. I dont think liquidation will happen at all DCFC has had low debts but its has been going up since Covid whereas the company that owns DCFC has £60m debt to Mel personally I think Mel will try to clear the debt as much as possible on the club(going to administration) and move forward trying to secure the sale of the holding club for a reduced fee, unless he is arrogant enough to want his full investment back However as I said before we aren't an appealing prospect, there has been a huge lack of transparency with the club and there has been reluctancy to show anything. We dont know who owns the club and whether a relegation, would mean a reduced rental fee We dont know the state of the training ground, there is said to be a loan taken out against it and land charge on this or the stadium, I would say our training ground and academy, aren't as good as made out by people in Derby, we are one or two levels behind the top PL academies(Tottenham, Chelsea, Man City and etc.) and below the established academies(Southampton, Fulham and etc.) This is why we are struggling to shift the club. Potential investors are finding this stuff out deep in to the process rather than it be readily available I said this would happen in March, despite people saying otherwise. IMO, the biggest failure was not doing this and the points deduction last season, we could have started a fresh last season and moved forward with a clean slate. Mel has too many smoke and mirrors, that its hurting the club and unfair to the fans
  3. I dont use this forum much, but this is what I said last season, I felt it was clear then My masters included business and because I love footy, I focussed on club finances, we did the exact same things all clubs do when it goes tits up,(sell few assets they have, expect manager to get results despite undermining him with transfers and etc.). The only thing is we have wasted a lot of money on court cases The short term is going to be difficult, with a major problem next season, if we get relegated will we be offered concessions on rent for Pride Park and perhaps even training ground. How do we make up the reduction in TV money. Also there is a huge lack of transparency by the club who keep making out they victims of a witch-hunt, over who owns the training ground and stadium. The long term is going to be much better now imo, the only thing we have going for us: New owners, Debt to Mel Morris should in theory be reduced unless Mel Morris is a Giant rick and still expects the holding company to pay back its debt to him but the club(subsidiary company) not to pay the debt back to HMRC and other Also reduced wage bill, though at the expense of local people potentially. Wayne Rooney's wages may also be off the books. Which will help With Mel you never know what the next step, he's like a poo chess player who is 3 steps ahead but forgets what's his next final move is
  4. People are saying Mel has plenty of money and already spent a lot, I would point out he hasn't spent much but instead injected alot of money in to the club through loans to himself as well as giving the Stadium to himself in order to reduce that loan amount. The fact we are for sale for £60m, suggests Mel wants his loan to paid back upfront. Instead of selling the club for nothing(which is typical) and take on the clubs debts, which potentially is a risk for him if we went in to administration. We haven't posted our accounts in 2/3 years, which is always a scary sign as well The scary thing is that Mel apparently looked for help to buy that stadium back off the club, which is why there were reports of a land registry charge against the stadium We were walking a tightrope with FFP before Covid, unfortunately Covid hit us at the worse time imo since then we have had to get a loan on the training ground and apparently an additional loan on the stadium The best thing about the club is the fans, the fact we fill the stadium even when we are struggling, means its a revenue stream you could rely on. Right now it would be better to lease Mickleover Sports Ground than Pride Park. I fear if we get relegated, we go in to the same situation as Coventry unable to pay rent on a stadium we don't own.
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