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    Kathcairns reacted to Crewton in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    So they're claiming the wage bill (including tax, NICS etc I assume) will be £13.5M until the end of the season? That's 9 months, which would mean the annual wage bill is now £18M - and they think THAT is "staggering" for a Championship club with a turnover in normal times of around £30M????
    Have they looked at other teams wage bills? £18M p.a would put us comfortably in the bottom half, and 60% of turnover would probably put us in the bottom 6 for wages/turnover ratio.
    What a load of tosh!
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    Kathcairns reacted to Mucker1884 in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    Isn't the whole point of being in administration a sure and factual sign that said company doesn't have enough money to continue (for very long), and doesn't have  anyone available to make up the shortfall without additional funding/buy out?
    Isn't our entire survival down to being bought out?
    Why would they expect DCFC to have "enough funds" at this stage.  How TF does that work?  Surely if we did, there'd be no need for administration?  
    Final question... or am I just being thick?  🤷‍♂️
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    Kathcairns reacted to Crewton in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    I didn't see anything in that Percy article that hadn't already been reported. It suggests he has no inside knowledge on this and has simply done the kind of "state of play" summary that anyone else could have done. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Bob The Badger in Arthur Cox (no, he's not dead!)   
    At least not that I'm aware of.
    Sorry if that headline seems insensitive, but it may look like clickbait if I just post his name when he's ok.
    I'm just interested if anybody has info on Arthur - or even, journalistic speculation Colin?
    It all went south at the end, but that man is up there with Clough, Mackay and TBE as the greatest Rams managers in my lifetime.
    I had some of my happiest Derby memories (and I watched all the home European games) watching that team rebuild in the 3rd division.
    Maybe it was the fact that, as now, we had sunk so low and Arthur dragged up back up again because Clough's team was harder to break down, Mackay's more likely to put 4 past you, and Jim's more likely to attack you with pace on the counter, but I just loved that team.
    For those of you old enough to remember Kevin Wilsons explosive start to that season, how shocking was it that Coxy promptly sold him?
    Stunning and dumb eh?

    Dumb like a fox when he used the money to bring in Micklewhite and, was it Gregory? Callaghan maybe? I dunno, come on stat fans, enlighten me who he used that money on!
    I was listening to an interview with Robert Lee the other day and he was complaining at how poor Newcastle were at honouring old heroes. Derby are quite good in fairness and maybe AC wants his privacy, but duck me, I'd love to see the man introduced to the PP crowd. I'd even drive up from Cornwall to see it.
    I just hope he's well as I know he had major back issues even when he was manager.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Ellafella in Arthur Cox (no, he's not dead!)   
    I can confirm that; I've had the pleasure of speaking with him at The Old Vicarage too. He is a really great old-school gentleman who refused politely to tell me anything "juicy" about eg Maxwell although he did tell me some very funny anecdotes involving helicopters with Maxwell's leg hanging out. Arthur really is a diamond gentleman. It's time Rams TV caught up with him. Can anybody @Owen87ITK make that happen. I think Arthur generally ticks the "No publicity" box but surely we need to pour some love on him for what he did?
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    Kathcairns reacted to rebb1 in Arthur Cox (no, he's not dead!)   
    Arthur Cox lives in Barton under Needwood, I have seen him a couple of times in The Old Vicarge restaurant at Branston and he is always willing to talk to DCFC supporters.
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    Kathcairns reacted to jono in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    It’s a based on its own self interest rather than on the interests of its membership . Do they all  really see it’s actions as reasonable, decent, proportionate and what they desire from a governing body ? In my opinion  It’s a puppet to the voices with the most influence. The Premier League, The Gibsons, the highly paid Jobsworths. The sort of emissions that come out of the EFL are at the level of the Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and the like, who just love a mob that can be whipped up at will. Awful organisation. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Foreveram in The return of the King   
    Phew I thought for a minute there we were bringing Kevin Hector back 
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    Kathcairns got a reaction from whaley bridge Ram in 18 & 84 Minutes - Home Matches - show of support   
    Im a pensioner, got a season ticket but cant afford to go away, wish i could. Must be alot of fans that cant afford to go away.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Alty_Ram in We are a seriously disliked team, and it bugs me   
    There's clearly something we don't know. I initially felt that it was a shame that someone was so blinkered an ill-informed but now I absolutely love that this guy hates us to the point where he seems destined to do himself a mischief.

    Can we see if we can get him to spontaneously combust by posting fake twitter links saying that DCFC has won the appeal and the additional charges are dropped and DCFC has been awarded damages for inconvenience and given special dispensation to sign players outside of the window ?

    twitch twitch twitch... Boom !

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    Kathcairns got a reaction from 48 hours in 18 & 84 Minutes - Home Matches - show of support   
    Im a pensioner, got a season ticket but cant afford to go away, wish i could. Must be alot of fans that cant afford to go away.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Foreveram in 18 & 84 Minutes - Home Matches - show of support   
    No one I don’t talk to her I’m just waiting for her to pause for breath.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Ramfambo in 18 & 84 Minutes - Home Matches - show of support   
    Ok so a little time before the next home match. Given we know that there has been some genuine interest in potential new ownership its fair to say there would be some representation in the ground for home matches going forward.  How about a show of support for the club with something like a minutes applause in the 18th and 84th minutes to honour the year we were founded 1884. Standing ovations would be more potent. I know the atmosphere has been great lately but might just highlight the loyalty of our fan base and prove we are with the club through thick and thin. I know we show support by being there and all show support in many ways but anything extra the Derby Army can do might be good for solidarity and show we are all in it together.  Bit of time to get the message out there but im no expert in how to do that! Someone with media links or maybe the club itself getting involved? If its been mentioned elsewhere apologies I dont post much but just thinking of something different.  We do it to commemorate people passing ar certain times but this is to show we are very much alive and kicking!
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    Kathcairns reacted to BBG83 in Who would you like as new DCFC owner?   
    Exactly this. Imagine if Ashley had gambled and then Covid hit and the state of Newcastle was the same as Derby? Instead they've been brought and are now the richest club in the world. We're skint.
    I think the fact that Ashley has left them in such a good position is massively overlooked by the Geordies. He'll get no credit for what they're going to go on and do.
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    Kathcairns reacted to BucksRam in To Roony never give up   
    Do you know what - I wonder if he maybe actually less frustrated.  He no longer has what must have been a huge frustration trying to get answers from Mel, for months, with no response.  I know how I'd feel if that had been me.  Imagine having an issue at work, and you constantly try to talk to your boss about it, but he ignores you completely. Won't answer the door, pick up the phone, respond to emails. That's what Rooney was working with.  I suspect he'll be far more informed now with Administrators in charge.  
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    Kathcairns reacted to IslandExile in To Roony never give up   
    He's certainly been the one positive in all of this and has totally changed my opinion of him as a person.
    He's also done a better job managing the team this season than he did last.
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    Kathcairns reacted to ilkleyram in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    Actually yes. There was a time many years ago when the DET was the first source of every bit of DCFC news, good and bad. Sir Brian used to use it to get all kinds of messages to the board, players and fans.
    Those were very different days though from a news and media perspective never mind socially. But they did exist and in some ways better and some not. But they do make the paucity of today’s output even greater and even sadder.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Unlucky Alf in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    May be no journalistic value...but there is another use 😁

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    Kathcairns reacted to angieram in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    It's not even accurate, as Shinner had already talked about it the week before!
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    Kathcairns reacted to Anag Ram in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    Has the DET ever run a DCFC story before we all knew about it? 
    Masters of copy and paste. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    Said it before many times, and I'll say it again. The DET has absolutely no journalistic merit at all. None. They only care about dedicating the maximum amount of screen space to adverts as possible and churning out the highest volume of 'articles' possible. Most of it is copied/pasted from twitter and/or taken from work other outlets have done. 
    Absolute rubbish.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Boycie in SuffolkRam breaks silence over DET’s headlines   
    Make it sound like they are going to disrespect the club.
    Theres no way Shinner would do that, he loved working for Derby.
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    Kathcairns reacted to angieram in Rams vs Preston (A) Matchday Thread   
    Thanks, Carnero - that's better then. Will leave ours in, anyway. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Wistaston Ram in Rams vs Preston (A) Matchday Thread   
    Great gesture, Hopefully be a last minute surge in ticket sales. Don't think I'll be reclaiming on my ticket.
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