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  1. Haha
    Kathcairns reacted to minesahartington in I have idea for north stand   
    Should have hidden it in your flask 
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    Kathcairns reacted to 24Charlie in I have idea for north stand   
    I moved there with my Grandson just this season. It looks empty from the highlights show but it doesn’t feel empty where we are in the upper tier behind the goal. 
    PP caters for everyone and it doesn’t need fixing. Every club has its fair weather fans and we are no different. When we start to get successful again people will come, oh yes people will come.
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    Kathcairns reacted to r4derby in I have idea for north stand   
    As someone who has a season ticket in the lower North Stand, I have no idea how empty it looks from the other side of the stadium. There are times when the stadium is full of noise, and even then the North feels quiet. But at the same time, there are a lot of older folk who sit around us who like to sit and enjoy the game. They’re not fussed about standing and singing, but like watching the South Stand do their stuff. The bounce looks great from our end.
    Im not sure an organised standing group would work, or even go down well B4.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t really think it is just answer 4 that is a cop out either.
    It is a bit like the EFL - not really answering the question being asked adequately because he realises that an honest answer might make him feel foolish or be quoted back to him at a later date.
    I would relish being the barrister arguing these, and other, points in a court of law. A proper court rather than a kangaroo one. I think between the posters here there are so many inconsistencies and questions raised, I can only imagine what a highly paid legal team will manage to uncover.
    So many things don’t quite sit right and do I’m afraid make it appear that the EFL is either supremely incompetent or is making decisions based on something other than applying the rules fairly, whatever that might be.
    Lets not forget that Peter Ridsdale allegedly spent more on goldfish than Jagielka’s monthly wage. What a bastion of financial common sense he is. I wonder how much he would have paid Nick Blackman! 
    The whole thing could have been avoided if the EFL realised they had cocked up, held their hands up and amended the regs so it was straight line amortisation from the year after an independent panel found us not guilty. Instead they expressed their disappointment that we had been found not to have done anything wrong.
    Anyway. Up the Rams.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Reggie Greenwood in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Agreed DCFC could / Should have sued QPR and Villa in particular and also maybe Leicester , Bournemouth , Leeds at al if Boro can sue DCFC. Where would this end ? 
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    Kathcairns reacted to angieram in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    4 is a cop out, if ever I saw one.
    What about every club that's ever breached FFP ? Is it right that every other club affected can sue? There'd be no clubs left! 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Rev in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    You literally said you're either behind everything the club does on and off the pitch, or you're not a supporter!
    That's pretty much the definition of 100% backing.
    The response said nothing about you having an opinion, rightly or wrongly.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Tamworthram in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    “There are” rather than “there’s” surely?😀
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    Kathcairns reacted to Unlucky Alf in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    As I said in an earlier post, I used to follow you guys on "Back Henry Street" because of the Oystons, You've nailed it for me in those few words.
    Have a look at this if you have time, 30mins of DCFC  One Journalist in particular Neil Hallam said...most clubs did what we did, But we get caught, It's Political he said...A very good journalist in his day IMO, So much so he had his press pass withdrawn for critisizing a previous owner.
  10. Clap
    Kathcairns reacted to Crewton in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    But Rick needs the collapse of a Big Club in the EFL to prove his point. Why people can't see this, I don't know.
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    Kathcairns reacted to LazloW in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    There is unlikely to be a true vendetta. But there has been a complete mismanagement of the process from start to finish. It isn’t helped that there have been a number of fingers in the pie that shouldn’t have been (Gibson and others who aren’t even connected to a football club, but just seem like professional 💩 stirrers). These people have been like dogs with bones and the upshot is that the EFL have been suckered into prolonging the agony far more than was either necessary  or - given they had agreed our approach for years - fair. 
    Frankly I’m surprised that the club didn’t decide to challenge the legality of the whole process in the courts and step outside the clearly not-fit-for-purpose rules or processes, the actions of the EFL and the dubious influence of people outside the process. Somebody will at some point (and perhaps even the whole concept of FFP which seems - to a layman like me - as unfair restraint of trade). 
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    Kathcairns reacted to PistoldPete in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Well that's exactly it David. The EFL is not independent, it is mob rule.
    I posted what Ridsdale was saying a few months back saying nobody should get a loan, especially clubs who have overspent, because preston were doing fine with  their sadly now ex owner.
    I mean Ridsdale for Gods sake! of all people!
    This is why Derby fans like me cannot take being lectutured to about our club being punished to "maintain the integrity " of the League.
    It is pure hypocrisy.
  13. Clap
    Kathcairns reacted to Woodley Ram in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    It’s good of you to come on here and explain.
    we had one stupid season and that has resulted in the large debts. That said, others have far bigger debts. For Derby the question is. Without COVID would have Derby gone into administration? If the answer is yes 12 point slam dunk. If the answer is no....then that’s a different issue. The fact that the EFL are allowing some owners to break P&S/FFP rules to ensure a club’s survival cannot not be a requirement for them to do so.
    If we have a look at P&S/FFP Reading have killed it with a far bigger overspend than us yet they apparently are looking at a smaller points penalty.
    Also the EFL needs to sort out COVID losses, Stokes claim is absurd. There needs to be strict criteria that is audited.
    How can Bournemouth not pay for Harry Wilson for 2 years? That’s a gamble if they don’t go up then ...boom
    For Derby, Something went very wrong not just in amortisation and FFP but in transparency in general
  14. Clap
    Kathcairns reacted to David in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    It's rules such as above that builds this "vendetta" that some believe the EFL have towards us.
    Let's not forget here, the EFL signed off on our accounts, they only became an issue when they looked into the stadium valuation despite Kieran Maguire alerting the EFL to take a look at our accounts a long long time before the stadium sale was made public.
    Meanwhile clubs such as QPR smashed the FFP rules the season we played them at Wembley, were Derby crying and threatening to sue the EFL and QPR, no.
    Gibson however, well he's been a dog with a bone on this. I suspect the EFL would not have appealed and pushed as hard if they didn't have this threat hanging over them, and this all may look like paranoia, but honestly tell me I'm wrong.
    The EFL will not want this in court, front and back pages of the paper for the country to see their handling of all this.
    I find it hard to take that we're being punished for something historically which was approved by the EFL, the punishment doesn't feel like it fits the crime either.
    We've been under embargo for the best part of a year, unable to strengthen the team, can't submit accounts as there is an argument over accountancy methods which are not in the EFL rules.
    We're then being denied an opportunity of an interest free loan that could have helped prevent us going into admin because of the above investigation, so we're hit with -12.
    Yet that doesn't appear to be enough as they want a further 9 point deduction.
    At what point are we allowed to feel a little annoyed by what the EFL have done here, I'm amazed other club fans are actually enjoying this when it could be their club next.
    We have a club down the A52 with an owner sending players between his 2 clubs in plain sight, how is this not been flagged up as a potential FFP issue, can you imagine transfer negotiations? It's a table with 2 chairs and just himself. 
    It just stinks, it really does. Maybe I'm biased as this is my club, but it does absolutely feel like a vendetta that won't end until they have us in League 1.
    When you look at what Rooney and this team are up against, it's incredible the fight they continue to show on the pitch. They don't deserve to have a relegation on their CV's, not one of them.
    If we somehow stay up against the EFL's best efforts to send us down, without a doubt Rooney should be manager of the season, not that the EFL would be brave enough to award it him.
  15. Like
    Kathcairns reacted to Indy in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    The EFL decided the terms and they decided that any club under investigation was ineligible. When they made that rule, they knew that DCFC was the only club who would be exempted by that rule. So they just saying “read the terms and conditions” is, again, disingenuous.
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    Kathcairns reacted to PistoldPete in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Efl issued statements implying Derby were not eligible due to being under suspicion of rule breaches. Then later said we didn’t apply. Why would we apply for a loan if we weren’t eligible ?
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    Kathcairns reacted to Indy in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Thanks for answering. If the EFL do cite Ebola as a reasonable precedent it will make them look foolish, in my opinion. 
    The question about why the other 70 clubs didn’t go into administration is more complex, and I’d hope Derby’s administrators can put forward a reasonable case that, even though our finances weren’t great, it wasn’t reckless to have large loans with a reasonable expectation of income to service the outgoings - until the force majeure event happened. 
    I think it’s a reasonable argument, but can see it going either way. Would just like a fair hearing without the likes of Gibson, The Daily Mail etc misreporting elements and/or trying to influence. 
  18. Haha
    Kathcairns reacted to Indy in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Hi Kieran. Genuine question: do you honestly believe that the Ebola epidemic in Congo is sufficient precedent for DCFC to have been prepared for a £20m shortfall in revenue caused by COVID pandemic shutdown? I just don’t see how that can be a reasonable position.
    It’s very clear that millions of people/businesses/governments around the world were unprepared for the impact, but a second division football club on the other side of the planet from the disease origin should have been?
  19. Clap
    Kathcairns reacted to PistoldPete in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Maguire accused an auditor of not being independent because he was a rams fan. 
    did he provide any evidence  that the auditors work was impacted in anyway by the fact if being a rams fan. No he didn’t. 
    I have heard a lot of quotes from maguire and I have never heard him criticise Efl. Other commentators have. Nixon has. Samuel at the mail has. Parliament has.
    how come maguire never does. To me he is obviously biased that is my opinion and I am not the only one who thinks that. 
    it is a fact that maguire and parry worked together. I am not passing on anything as fact that this is only opinion.
  20. Like
    Kathcairns reacted to Coconut's Beard in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    ...and that justifies grassing us up to the powers that be, does it?
    If he had nothing to gain from it he could, should and preferably would have either kept his mouth shut, or at least  limited his comments to social media posts and podcasts. Quite frankly it's none of his damn business what we do, but he's made it his business and now he spends an inordinate amount of his time publicly criticising us.
    He's made his point, why not move onto other matters?
    That's what the dislike of Maguire boils down to, we could have 20 page arguments about how his bias, qualifications, motives, career prospects but ultimately nobody likes a grass, nobody likes self-publicising attention seekers.
    Sadly there's a handful of people who sit there backing him up because of their own dislike of Mel Morris, as if they have to take a side, and I really don't get it.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Indy in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    To say we should have been prepared for COVID because Ebola happened (ie a virus was successfully contained in central Africa a couple of decades ago) is so disingenuous though. I don’t think the guy is stupid, so can only assume this bad faith argument is, at best, an attempt to stir up controversy and web traffic at our expense. Hardly objective. 
  22. Clap
    Kathcairns reacted to PistoldPete in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Well we went into admin after Lionel Pickering left, and then came the 3 amigos. Lionel was a decent man just a a bit stubborn and he left us in state too. I don’t think he had to deal with a pandemic either. 

    of course maguire has a vested interest . He has books to sell podcasts he wants people to listen to. He wants a story. That story will be a big one if it leads to the biggest financial failure in English football history and he has a vested interest in that .
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    Kathcairns reacted to Mostyn6 in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    It resonates with me cos i had similar. 
    in 2014, I had an overdraft, three credit cards and a loan. I also was earning a handsome wage and was steadily reducing all of the above. Then, I got made redundant and it took me six months to get a job at similar salary. Whilst the debts prior to losing my job were of my own making, it was the loss of income that prevented me from making payments and caused me to default. 
    Derby’s loss of income caused the default/admin. Now if clubs weren’t allowed to be in debt, then we deserve what we get, but there are EFL clubs carrying 9-figure debts without scrutiny. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to RoyMac5 in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    Nope. Can’t agree with your first sentence even. He is not objective, he makes a living providing information as clickbait to prove his own importance! Do you really believe we’re the only club pushing boundaries?! Where is his crusade against Reading etc?
    As for his professional ability’s, I remain to be convinced of his accountancy skills.
    I heard the ‘message’ before that twit stuck his oar in - it was obvious Mel was pushing our spending limits in the race to the Prem. But even so, our accountancy techniques have not been proven against accounting rules, just EFLs interpretation. If the EFL had told us that sooner maybe we’d have been more cautious with our P&S spending!
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    Kathcairns reacted to PistoldPete in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    I think you distort what i say just a tad. 
    EFL and Maguire are not independent. That's all there is. Maguire isnt going to slag them off and hasn't ever. He slags Derby and Morris off a lot. It isn't balanced at all. On the facts he is wrong more often than he is right.
    If you read my posts you will see that I am not all uncritical of Mel Morris. He has made many many mistakes.  So do many football Charirmen by the way.
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