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    Kathcairns reacted to Ram1988 in My admiration for Rooney has shot up   
    Well said !!
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    Kathcairns reacted to Ramslad1992 in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    Roos could have shown more passion there…
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    Kathcairns reacted to superdave in Is Joey Greener a Ram?   
    Well hes doing YNOT this year so you never know what the future holds 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Inverurie Ram in Is Joey Greener a Ram?   
    Funnily enough, those on the street said, and all the other surrounding streets, something very similar about you.
    ......"Bloody glad that @RoyMac5doesn't live here! ".............is what they said!
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    Kathcairns reacted to Foreveram in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    Are you seriously advocating buying a ticket for the match and then moaning all through the match, if the answer is yes then seriously just stay away 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Sparkle in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    It will certainly be a very important period in our history 
    What can we sell - not much it seems and the administrators may well be saying that soon enough 
    Portsmouth we’re allowed to sell players outside of the transfer window so that is a worry on the pitch and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the EFL allow it to happen because they won’t want us taking points of any more sides 
    if the EFL want to subtract more points then just do it now for the whole world to see - if for some sadistic reason they wanted to carry that on into next season well that just shows you what we have been dealing with in a lot of regards.
    We obviously need someone to come in exceptionally quickly to save any semblance of a side on a pitch 
    we better enjoy the home and away games until January because after that it looks exceptionally grim.
    This should be be a disaster for the EFL - A major club relegated in September! we actually had the biggest attendance in the championship on Saturday possibly even the whole EFL if Sunderland weren’t at home and yes I know when Sheffield United are at home they will have more but the point being we are one of the biggest most high profile clubs they have and as they have openly stated they want us relegated and now they have their way - do they want us destroyed - I am sure some of them might. 
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    Kathcairns reacted to Alpha in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    Think I'll get a couple of tickets for the Swansea game. Not been for ages but I think Derby need even the half fans now, eh @Eddie
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    Kathcairns reacted to sage in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    Fans need to buy tickets and fill the ground. 
    The players get support
    The additional income will pay staff
    We are more likely to get a buyer quickly
    For all those who sniping from the sidelines, support your club. The money will no longer go to Mel, but will keep us alive.  
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    Kathcairns reacted to Donnyram in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    One way the fans can help is to get as many bums on seats as possible for all home games…….. and bring with them the same positive support that we’ve seen so far this season 🐏
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    Kathcairns reacted to ossieram in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    Come back and back the team like the fans are doing now, they're welcome. 
    Come back and destroy the players confidence with moaning and booing, they can stay away. 
    The players will have enough on their minds right now without having to worry about pleasing fans that expect to see them play like the champions from the 70's.
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    Kathcairns reacted to brady1993 in Wayne Rooney   
    In a weird way the harder the job has become the better he seems to have done. The way he's gone about his business is truly commendable and he deserves a hell of a lot of respect for it.
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    Kathcairns reacted to RoyMac5 in Wayne Rooney   
    We need him.
    "He also revealed a touch of man-management before the game when he put up the date Saturday, September 18, at the end of the pre-match team meeting.
    "This club has had great moments in the past, in the history of the club, but I said to the players, 'Today could be a big day in the club’s history. It’s on you to decide how the fans look back on this day'," Rooney said.
    "I think the fans will look back and realise what a huge effort the players gave.
    "For them to give that performance, they do deserve a lot of credit, a lot of praise, and I know the fans will be proud of the team."
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    Kathcairns reacted to Carnero in Wayne Rooney   
    Asked what it would take for him to walk away, Rooney said:
    "I've said before, I care. The football side of it I'm enjoying. I enjoy trying to improve players. If you look at the difference in some of the players to maybe a year ago, it's massive. Even some of the older players, Curtis [Davies] and Jags [Phil Jagielka], the performances they're putting in. And then seeing the likes of Max Bird developing. Louie Sibley, who's had tough moments. He's come into the team the last few weeks and we've seen a steady rise in his performances.
    "I'm enjoying that side of it and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I walked out on them players because I'm asking them to sacrifice a lot, and give everything. So for me to leave them in the lurch and walk out, that's just not in my nature."
    What a man 🥰
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    Kathcairns reacted to TomTom92 in Wayne Rooney   
    I’m not a Rooney fan. I don’t think tactically he’s been that great at all and I wouldn’t have shed a tear if he’d been given the boot in the summer. 
    That said the character he’s showing in the face of adversity is unremarkable. Fully got my backing now. 
    Maybe in the long run this might be a blessing for both us and him. Start a fresh in league 1 with hopefully a decent owner. Wayne gets a full season to continue to learn the managerial lark and further cement his hold in the dressing room. 
    Now where can we find a decent owner? 
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    Kathcairns reacted to TexasRam in Wayne Rooney   
    I was critical of his management style last season. However this season, his leadership has been top class, listening to his after match interviews, the way he’s conducting himself and also the anecdotal stories we are hearing I wouldn’t want anyone else leading us at this time. Thank you Wayne  
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    Kathcairns reacted to TheresOnlyWanChope in Wayne Rooney   
    Most others would have walked away I'm sure. Credit to Rooney. Got the team playing, working hard, faces the media, has been promised lots of things that haven't materialised. He is showing true leadership qualities. If we go down fighting this season, Rooney can hold his head high as can the players. 
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    Kathcairns got a reaction from Foreveram in Time to stand behind the lads and fight with them every step of the way   
    You dont seem to be standing behind the lads and fighting all the way, my last comment to you
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    Kathcairns reacted to CBRammette in Time to stand behind the lads and fight with them every step of the way   
    It is but he doesnt have to do that and who knows what else he and others may be doing behind the scenes to help.  
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    Kathcairns got a reaction from taffyram in Time to stand behind the lads and fight with them every step of the way   
    Give the bloke some credit.you hav'nt spent your 50p, he has.
  20. Haha
    Kathcairns reacted to ramit in Derby will survive if I have I something to say about itm   
    Because i say so.  You have a problem with that?
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    Kathcairns reacted to B4ev6is in Time to stand behind the lads and fight with them every step of the way   
    Well roony been doing stuff mel should been doing providing coach for away travel and place to stay over night he been paying for it all out of his own money.
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    Kathcairns reacted to B4ev6is in Time to stand behind the lads and fight with them every step of the way   
    I dont think club will go bust but I do think roony will take care of us fans and staff and players would I love If roony became new owner some that actually loves this club.
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    Kathcairns reacted to Premier ram in Views From the Outside 21/22   
    The day i care what Leeds fans , Bristol City  fans etc think about my beloved Rams is the day i give up on football itself
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    Kathcairns reacted to tomsdubs in Views From the Outside 21/22   
    He literally got lied to by the club and kept getting fit again but not played. Didn't find out until Rowett told him towards the end they would owe a fee so didn't play him. I don't blame him for being aggrieved to be honest.
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    Kathcairns reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Views From the Outside 21/22   
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