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  1. It looks like i've won, Your now using a derogatory term to show your lack of ability to discuss a subject in which you know very little. I'll now step aside for you to gloat on your fine achievment of getting a degree in history...Edith Swanneck who was she...PS this is how you spell Google.
  2. I don't think you understand the word History...So here it is, It's not in joined up writing so you may be able to read it. History meaning "the whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing"
  3. Depends which story you believe https://talksport.com/football/853825/sheffield-united-players-chris-wilder-sacking-twitter-chaos-david-mcgoldrick/ https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/sheffield-united/chris-wilder-sacked-next-manager-b1816320.html
  4. Bearing in mind WR has only been in Management a few months so to use "comparison" as a guage is a little foolish, " For many Wilder was manager of the season in that first season" And, No doubt for many he wasn't another foolish comment, As for the beers...I don't drink.
  5. Maybe I should have drawn a picture for you, What Wilder did is consigned to history, Why did he get the sack?, He spent over £50m to get them to the bottom of the Premier League, I always find it strange when posters feel they need to laugh at their own postings.
  6. Britain once had an Empire, But no longer, Don't let history get in the way of emotion aye.
  7. I'll take Rooney, Wilder did a fantastic job at Sheff Utd, Local boy done good, His 2nd season in the Prem wasn't up to much, His buys were poor, Brewster £23m, Ramsdale £18m, Burke £6m, Lowe and Bogle combined fee of £7.5m, He didn't do to well did he, Rooney was given the keys to the Managers office, The players he knew, He knew what he could get out of them, He started off at the bottom of the division, Someone posted the 28 games he's been manager and that puts us mid table, Try walking up the down escaltor, That'll give you an idea on how difficult a job being DCFC manager has been, Until
  8. I can't say with confidence who can take us forward imo, Look at the fantastic job JFH is doing at Burton, Grant McCann at Hull City equally so, Would any of these 2 been able to take us forward?, 3 very experienced managers in Nigel Pearson at Bristol City, Tony Mowbray at Blackburn and Alex Neil ex Preston 1 failure and 2 having an awfull time, Does experience get what we all want? There's so many variables in picking what we all think is going to be the right manager, A lot is down to luck ie a good/bad calls by officials, Lack of injuries, New players hitting the ground running, Havi
  9. I'll not speak for ariotofmyown he can do that well enough for himself, But any DCFC supporter worth their salt wants the best, The best being honest players who pull on that shirt to give their best match in match out, A Manager that has the ability to attract the best talent available who WANT TO PLAY FOR DCFC and not just be here because it's a final pay day, A Manager that can motivate, That can match if not better the oppositions Manager, A Manager that has the players 100% attention on and off the pitch, An owner that is true to his word, That wants desperately as much success as the sup
  10. Potential. Get Promotion asap, If not, Then money down the drain 30,000+ crowds Even if winning in the Championship, 33,000+ possible with extending the ground Modern Stadia, Altho a little soulless for me Moor Farm, A 1st class training facility Excellent Burger vans outside 😁
  11. And the long distance Pigeon throwing competition.
  12. My Dad got a U boat in 1942
  13. Orsen Welles would make a great Third Man
  14. Not sure, But I think he's thrown us all a Googly.
  15. Not a Day Goes by without race being involved 😁
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