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  1. On 20/10/2021 at 14:40, DCFC Kicks said:

    decent? It seems to me every single game the opposition goalkeeper is better than ours. I can't remember many times recently that an opposition goalkeeper has made a mistake leading to a goal.

    This is what I have thought for a while. I’m aware of the tendency to ignore mistakes by the oppo’ keeper and yet to focus on any mistakes by our own. But still, I think our keepers are underwhelming and accident prone. Allstop less that the other two. 

  2. 2 hours ago, PistoldPete said:

    From the Wigan appeal (para 62)

    "We reject the submission of Mr Taylor QC that there were other, also effective, causes,
    including the significant increase in the Club’s players’ wages and on transfers. That
    these made the Club increasingly dependent on the owner’s continuing support is clearly
    true. But so long as that support continued, the ship would have stayed afloat. It was
    only when the owner pulled the plug that it sank."

    A bit worrying, this extract. How is our position different ? 

  3. 10 hours ago, B4ev6is said:

    My mum read rooony has said even if offered it he would say no to it he had started a  job here and wants to finished what he has started here.

    That’s impressive. I think his relationship with the likes of Jags and Morrison is a major part of our success this season and it’s reassuring to hear him say this. Also I think he’d be wise to avoid the mistake Lampard made 

  4. Fozzie can cross pretty well.   Shinnie doesn’t do badly from a dead ball. Byrne is our best by a mile but we’ve not seen much of it this season. Last evening Knighty was awful and Byrd was only a little better. But you need to give them some slack given the wet surface 

  5. 1 hour ago, LazloW said:

    The questions all seem reasonable. I’m not sure they’ll get much response other than banal platitudes mind (not least because answering any of them truthfully or constructively would paint the EFL and their stupid rules in a pretty bad light).

    Don’t think the key issue has been identified in the questions. We are in administration because it became clear to MM that otherwise the EFL would force him to continue to pour cash into the abyss by delaying resolution of the ffp dispute. It appears likely that animosity between MM and other owners is the cause of this delay, because of the influence those owners have over EFL process. Is it not an abomination for a regulator to allow itself to be used in this way ??

  6. On 18/10/2021 at 21:29, SouthernRam said:

    Not sure if it deserves it’s own thread as it’s probably clickbait pot-stirring, but Rooney is being linked to the Newcastle job.


    Unproven though he is it would be a major blow if he were to go just now. It might even put the admins sale plans in jeopardy. Other clubs will have seen the Rooney brand bewitching Sky, and the value of Bet32’s deal with us,  and he’s done most of the right things since Mel pulled the plug. So it’s not impossible that he will get an offer. Jeez I hope not 

  7. 13 minutes ago, angieram said:

    I haven't seen it back yet, but at the time people were slipping and sliding around. 

    Personally I think it was a wrong decision, felt he should have let the defender deal with it and concentrate on saving the header - despite their height, their attempts on goal hadn't been particularly good. 

    The decision to come for it was fine I reckon and it’s what the best keepers would do. Problem was he made the decision too late, then wasn’t strong enough. Would also have been ok to stay put, it was one of those.
    Nor have I seen it back though    

  8. 6 hours ago, VulcanRam said:

    What Rooney can do is motivate, organise, set them up tactically. The rest, once the game starts, is on the players. 

    He’s motivating them well and I think we’re set up fine. But the strange idea that the management team’s job is done when the first whistle blows is unfortunately one that our dug out seems to share. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Yani P said:

    Lawrence a 5...seriously 🤣

    Took the goal beautifully. But he drifted in and out. 


    2 hours ago, MACKWORTHRAM said:


    Absolutely spot on.

    In the first half when they ballsed a corner up. Counter on and he stopped.

    Doesn't get his head up enough either and if he does he looks one way. Byrne in acres on a few occasions tonight and he never looked up.

    Also should have put Lawrence in on goal in the second half but held on to the ball so so long.

    Really not sure what he is bringing to the team at the minute 

    But he's infuriating to watch. Slows the game down so so much.

    This commentary on Ravel is pretty harsh (but some truth it). Plenty of times he showed his considerable class 

  10. 25 minutes ago, LazloW said:

    while I wouldn’t say Ravel played poorly, there were several occasions where he took all momentum out of breakaways

    It has happened numerous times over several games. He receives the ball in a counter attack. Rather than try the difficult ball to the runner he decides possession is key, and passes backwards.  The counter attack is part of our threat and Ravel does not seem to know how it goes 

  11. Just now, blue texel ram said:

    Why didn't Ebosele start tonight ???

    Why didn't we try Tom up front when it wasn't working for Sibs @ Preston

    Constructive comments welcome 



    I don’t think the selection was clearly wrong. But as usual, as the game developed our dug out showed its lack of experience and did  .. nothing. 
    Allstop/ Roos was a big call and no doubt the second goal was an error. But on that pitch Roos could easily have had howlers galore. Why don’t our coaching staff have the sense to tell keepers to get rid fast, if they are playing in a marsh ?
     As for Ebosele, he’s the perfect player to bring on after 60, 65 mins and he came on after 80 something. Ridiculous. Byrne is wasted if his first cross is in the 80th minute. 
    Totally agree about Lawrence. He showed with the first a class in front of goal that no one else has. Problem is, he seems to think he’s exempt from challenging like a man for a 50 50 ball - instead we get his billy elliot pirouettes. We mixed it up today with some decent long balls but if Lawrence won’t challenge for the first or even the second ball it doesn’t work. Joz much stronger and worked hard.
    I don’t know why Watson has disappeared. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, Yani P said:

    seriously no need to come off the line..defenders under it ...useless totally useless, thats the end of his run in goal that was clown keeping..

    He hesitated before coming that was the problem   Then didn’t show a strong enough challenge 

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