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  1. that is still a big improvement points wise to what we have managed so far this season
  2. they signed a whole squad but will probably do it again, i dont think the fat greek cares about the wage bill especially not with them lingering over the drop zone knockaert is not going back so that must free up a fair amount of wages for them if they have to sell to buy
  3. rooney is doing okay, not great. he doesnt have us scoring goals despite the birmingham anomoly. this is key to any team climbing the table. when he changes this he is doing a good job we still look dull and lifeless in most games, the only difference between rooney and cocu so far is we are lumping it up to kazim
  4. we will be in the relegation scrap regardless of what we do in january , anybody doubting this needs their head checking. as for whether we finish above the line or not will depend entirely on the january business and with mel and khaled playing footsie looks like nothing is getting done. i am seriously concerned if this takeover does not get done in the next few days. a poor jan window = 22nd a good jan window = 20th
  5. another day goes by and we are now officially in the transfer window. we need players, even leaving it until the last minute of january is throwing away several games which are key at the bottom. get your finger out your arse khaled and mel, get it sorted, thats if you actually have any money
  6. my worry is forest is they will just buy their way out of trouble again, i hope we do when the takeover is done but that is a big big concern I think qpr will get dragged in, they can't defend to save their lives and birmingham cant score.
  7. you are right bob, we need investment that is the thing that will save us not the manager. that is why i am so anxious about this takeover
  8. The season can very quickly turn again if we continue to not score goals
  9. I HATE THIS LOW INTENSITY POSSESSION FOOTBALL!! it is so easy to play against, no wonder we score no goals
  10. mel leave our club with your head held down in shame lets hope the new guy has a bit more respect but i am not convinced he will be much better
  11. my only question was our lack of goals and he even seems to have solved that
  12. how could you not vote yes after recent results. like i have said before though the club cannot get complacent and not invest in january
  13. rooneys job was to stop the rot and he has done that. the progression however has to continue, but the reality is the only way we will go forward is with investment in january and with our takeover situation that is looking worrying
  14. we have been plenty patient, i think people just want clarity. when you are told something will happen before christmas and its been nearly a week and nothing has come out you have the right to question. also you have the right to question when the person trying to take over the club has such a terrible record in regards to takeovers and proving he has any wealth at all
  15. Yeah, I think it is shocking no testing is done below the Championship
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