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  1. I do think the NHS collapsing topic is a bit of the boy who cried wolf. We hear about it being under pressure most years. In fact a very quick search pulled up this quote from an article on the BBC website. "The past few months - if not the whole year - have seen a constant stream of warnings about impending Armageddon in the health service. We have heard how the system has reached various levels of crisis from "tipping point" and "breaking point" to "on the brink of collapse". But is it really that bad? And if so, what can we expect in 2017?" If we keep being told its on t
  2. Jonathan Hunt. For some reason and I don't know why but I always liked him. Everyone around me didn't!!
  3. Has anyone tried the mobile version? Any good?
  4. Very true. Would be nice to find one of those for us!!!!
  5. Interesting that we don't have many with over 100 games in charge (and 3 of those were only a few games past that mark). Shows the constant chopping and changing we have had over the years. Part of the problem or just symptomatic of football?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2020/nov/24/qantas-boss-says-all-international-travellers-on-airline-will-have-to-have-vaccination Qantas CEO saying you have to have a Covid vaccination to be able to fly international flights with them. Wonder if this is the first of many or there will be too much of a backlash for others to follow. What are peoples thoughts on this. I can see why they are doing it but not sure I agree with it.
  7. In my view, to be successful in the modern game you need pace and have it for 90+ mins. You can have pace terms of actual running or in moving the ball. We have/do neither!!
  8. I think Knight would be best if we played a 4-3-3. Given our lack of goals I don't understand the persistence with playing 2 holding midfielders, it just slows the game down. We don't have the talent to pick the passes needed when playing a slow pace game. We need to have runners breaking from midfield to support the attackers. For me, that is Knight and a.n.other (maybe sibley).
  9. It wasn't my intention to come across as dismissing the findings of that report. I have no scientific background or knowledge to be in a position to. I apologise if that's how it appeared. Agree, I think we may have been arguing different points!!!
  10. The thing is, I actually find the majority of your posts very interesting. Hearing first hand how this has been handled in Australia is great. And yes I would probably believe you more so than what I read in the papers. I guess I just trust people views as can be sceptical of the media. I am simply doing the same. Providing my experience through knowing people working in the middle of it. Overall though I don't really have a particularly strong view on any of it. I don't know enough and if I'm honest don't think anyone knows everything about it. Hence why it think you have to listen to every c
  11. Let's analyse how I don't contradict myself. I said things in the media and Internet. Nothing about research. You keep saying research, not me. Are you trying to claim that everything in the media and Internet is true? I know from reading your previous posts that you don't. Yes I do think certain things reported on both sides of the argument (the severity and impact of coronavirus) have been incorrect. And I think if you were honest you would say the same. I haven't actually specified my position on things so not sure why you want to argue rather than have a conversation. Maybe so
  12. I find it fascinating how you come to such random conclusions and make statements such as this. It's an interesting quality you possess. I, at no point, said I take anecdotes over research. I take on board both. Just think listening to people in the NHS is more reliable than the information in the media and Internet. It's too difficult to know what to believe. There has been numerous claims from both sides of the camp that have since been proved wrong. Hence why I find people I know to be a more trustworthy source.
  13. With you on that. They are experiencing a slight improvement but are based in the North East so have been under some form of restrictions for a while. Other areas still seem to be suffering though. Takes a while to turn the tide it appears!
  14. I am not going with any type of interpretation. I haven't dismissed their conclusion. I in fact agree with their statement. As you say yourself some people have used the same data to show the mortality is negligible. The writers in this report have used it to show its large. That's all I was saying. Is there a reason you result to being rude rather than having a civilised conversation? There are not random anecdotes iand certainly not "impressions formed". They are the experiences of people working in hospitals and GP surgeries. I would say that's a good source of information
  15. I found it interesting that when Liverpool played Man City the other day, to deal with the injury problems at the back, they played 4 up front. An example of the best form of defence is attack maybe. Not suggesting we do the same given our options in attack but as we are so poor going forward it does put more pressure on our defence. Is our lack of attacking intent the main cause of our defensive issues?
  16. That's its not particularly good. Busy time but as they say it's what they are trained for. Still able to do some non covid related work so it's not quite the apocalypse that some would have you believe. Mainly frustrated that they are often short staffed due to colleagues having to self isolate.
  17. Wow. Pretty impressive accusation there. This is the part of the paper I am referencing. In this paper, we provide several different ways to think about the mortality of the epidemic. It is possible to portray the death toll in a way that feels overwhelmingly large, but it is also possible to describe it in a way that makes the epidemic mortality seem almost negligible. Our view is that COVID-19 should be seen as an extremely large mortality threat. What did I say that is any different to this? At no point have I dismissed their conclusion or tried to represent anything diffe
  18. Again, where did I dismiss their conclusion? I merely quoted what they said in their report. They admitted that the data they have collected can show something overwhelming or something not so significant. They did that in the first few paragraphs. They have chosen to focus on the overwhelming. Fair play. That's their choice. Also, you have made a complete wrong assumption. I don't listen to people closest just to support my position. I actually don't have a particular position. I just choose to listen to the people who work in the NHS that I know rather than what is said in the media. I
  19. I'm not sure you read my post properly. Where did I dismiss academic work? I was simply highlighting that the authors admit themselves that there is a range of evaluations that can be made from the data, some overwhelmingly large and some almost negligible. That is their words not mine. Hence my comment you have to take it with a pinch of salt. As I said I would prefer to listen to the people who are closest to it and not pick and choose the reports and information within them to help me make my point.
  20. From the exact same report they admit there are many different ways to show mortality but they have chosen to highlight the worst one. In this paper, we provide several different ways to think about the mortality of the epidemic. It is possible to portray the death toll in a way that feels overwhelmingly large, but it is also possible to describe it in a way that makes the epidemic mortality seem almost negligible. Our view is that COVID-19 should be seen as an extremely large mortality threat. So I do think you have to take the loss of 11.7 years of life with a pinch of salt.
  21. I'm not sure any vaccine stops you from catching a virus (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong), they just stop you from falling ill if you do catch it. It gives your body the tools needed to kill the virus.
  22. Bad Santa for the adults, Arthur Christmas for the kids and Gremlins for a classic watch (still wondering when you can actually feed them)
  23. I was firmly in the Cocu in camp for a long time. I now know the error of my ways. He should have gone a few games back. I fear it is now almost too late. I like the guy and really really wish it had worked out. On paper it seemed like a great appointment, it just hasn't worked out for all the reasons poster's have already mentioned. It's time to move onto the next chapter.
  24. But isnt the point that you only need to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike not the whole time. With coronavirus surely if you follow all the guidelines you stand a good chance of not catching it. And if you do you stand a very very good chance of recovery as the stats have shown. It's about risk isn't it? Is I do find it interesting that as soon as someone puts forward a differing argument with supporting data it is instantly dismissed as being crackpot or a lone voice. Yet when we are told that the data used by the government, Whitty and Valance is incorrect there is no reaction.
  25. But isnt the current situation like everyone being told to wear a helmet irrespective of whether or not you are riding a motorbike.
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