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  1. anything to do with the rumours on here that Rooney is involved somehow?
  2. Just been thinking - if the panel decided that we could not gain economic benefit from the disposal of the player on the grounds of refusing to be sold, and that hence the only economic benefit any club hope to gain is from the 'use' of that player. What happens when the player refuses to play for the club and hence serving no benefit or 'use' despite still being in contract?
  3. Might be a really stupid question but.. if they are supposedly finding us guilty of not filing our accounts properly according to accounting practices. Then why aren't the HMRC after us as well?
  4. 'So, with this in mind, is it the case that the charge isn't related to the club overspending, but purely related to submitting allegedly inaccurate or unsuitable accounts? If so, does anyone know what this would mean in terms of punishments?' In a way yes. However the argument the EFL are then making is that if we had submitted the reports in what the EFL deem the proper way we would have been over the limit(without seeing the proper finances nobody really knows this for a fact though) which is what they will look to punish us for I guess
  5. Done some digging on the EFL website. Unless I am completely mistaken (very possible). I think we are safe 12.3 Subject to the provisions of Regulation 12.4 below, where the Club becomes subject to or suffers an Insolvency Event, or the Board impose a deduction in accordance with Regulation 12.2: 12.3.1 during the Normal Playing Season but prior to 5.00pm on the fourth Thursday in March, the points deduction shall apply immediately; 12.3.2 during the Normal Playing Season but after 5.00pm on the fourth Thursday in March, Regulation 12.4 shall apply; and 12
  6. season doesn't technically finish till the playoff final so there is still a very small chance!
  7. Rooney way out of his depth as a manager - got lucky that Bielik carried him as far as we got before his injury. Get him gone tonight and hope steve can magic something up in the final 3
  8. well at least i dont have to waste my whole evening watching that rubbish now
  9. can someone please explain how Pearce got away without even a booking for that?
  10. Roos 3 Wisdom 3 Mengi 1 Clarke 3 Buchanan 4 Baningime 1 Edmondson 2 (Not his fault but should not be playing centre mid) Shinnie 5 Jozwiak 4 Gregory 4 Sibley 3
  11. Looks like Wayne has rightly given up on this game. Subbing off 3 potential starters on Saturday
  12. Without very poor decisions from Waghorn and the ref this game would be 2-2 at half time. Plenty to be optimistic about but still a long shot to recover this. Also Roberts is not the answer to our problems out wide holds the ball way to long
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