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  1. Skybet odds are in for next season. Brentford understandable favourites... think they'll get beat in the transfer market mind. Some bizarre odds given though… Stoke and Barnsley definitely punching Wheres your money going? You backing the Rams?
  2. Reports in of how much each championship club has lost over lockdown... https://fanbanter.co.uk/how-much-every-championship-club-lost-over-lockdown/ With so many clubs teetering on financial instability and an inevitable 2nd wave coming, how long do we reckon can the club actually survive without fans?
  3. So looks like theres no away days next season... and huge competition over seats - being a suggested lucky dip to fill 20-30% of the stadium. Do we know if the club will prioritise season ticket holders or they getting shafted?... source - fanbanter.co.uk/the-number-of-fans-who-could-be-let-into-efl-stadiums-next-season/
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