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  1. Be happy you didn't friend. Todays rollercoaster was worth the lack of sleep!
  2. I choose to ignore the haters today. We survived, even with our horrible losing streak. Bask in the glow of Championship league warmth and leave critisism for another day. It has been a rough season, but now that its over, I feel nothing but joy.
  3. I had to get up at 6am cause I watched the game in Mexico. I still finished a full glass of rum laying in bed. We fudging survived!!!!! Congrats to us all! Thank you Waggie, ive been harsh on you this season, but I love you! COYR!
  4. I guess the upside to all this, is that it will be a career ender for many on the team, staff and squad alike. Free agents the lot of them.
  5. Coventry def not. But Luton has Collins, someone with the ability to score 15+ goals during a season. Love Kaz, dislike Waggie, but neither have the end product we need. I honestly think the rest of our squad is on par with many clubs in the Championship. stats wise we shouldn’t be were we are, in terms of chances created, possession etc.. its only the goals that are eluding us.
  6. Hehe I agree, but again, not even Gordon Ramsey could cook up a winner with the poo we have in the pantry.
  7. I was extremely critical of Cocu, in retrospect, I think both he and Rooney were given an unfair challenge, paired with high expectations. I mean a chef is only as good as his ingredients and the only thing we have in stock is soggy lettuce. Not happy with Rooney, but it would be nice to see him with the same type of squad Lampard had. Until we get a decent forward/forwards I doubt a new manager will fix our sitch.
  8. Don't waste the bullet, just throw us off a cliff... Sadly we will survive the fall and land comfortably in League One
  9. I think we stay up this season, but we don't deserve it. And I don't care if Byrne or anyone else for that matter tries a shot and hits the stands. Its much better than passing the ball around until we lose possesion.
  10. I can’t believe we’re the team in Championship with fewest goals. I suggest if we ever get a player like Vydra again, lets keep em. And allow me to beat the dead horse: Lack of options forward has killed us this season.
  11. We will never know. With Kazim on the bench and Waghorn as his star player in a 4-6-0 formation.
  12. We can purge Rooney too. But he has done better than Cocu imo. Its getting clear that our squad is poo. If it looks like poo and smells like poo.... its probably poo innit?
  13. Dunno if I would call for Rooney's head. I think we should purge the squad and start a new. But what the future holds only League One can tell.
  14. I can smell the sulphur and brimstone from League One. Belzebub i beseech you, give us a 3 pointer!
  15. Lawrence is a fudging genius. He has some invisible matches, but if he wouldve been fit the whole season I think he would be our top goal scorer.
  16. Its possible to score inside the box without using your head. That being said I think even Joz could score a header if he wasn't under too much pressure. But I get were ur coming from.
  17. I think its great that teams struggle to score against us, but at what cost? Today we were good, but it can’t all be bad luck or lack of margins on our side, we keep losing cause we don’t score. Know im being Cpt.Obvious here, but if long passes and crosses into the box are our main attacking strategy, we need more than one man(Kazim) in said box. And if short passes and through-balls are the tactic, then players will need someone to pass to. How many times have we seen a lone midfielder stuck between dribbling til they lose possession or forced to shoot in awkward position c
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