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  1. We will never know. With Kazim on the bench and Waghorn as his star player in a 4-6-0 formation.
  2. We can purge Rooney too. But he has done better than Cocu imo. Its getting clear that our squad is poo. If it looks like poo and smells like poo.... its probably poo innit?
  3. Dunno if I would call for Rooney's head. I think we should purge the squad and start a new. But what the future holds only League One can tell.
  4. I can smell the sulphur and brimstone from League One. Belzebub i beseech you, give us a 3 pointer!
  5. Lawrence is a fudging genius. He has some invisible matches, but if he wouldve been fit the whole season I think he would be our top goal scorer.
  6. Its possible to score inside the box without using your head. That being said I think even Joz could score a header if he wasn't under too much pressure. But I get were ur coming from.
  7. I think its great that teams struggle to score against us, but at what cost? Today we were good, but it can’t all be bad luck or lack of margins on our side, we keep losing cause we don’t score. Know im being Cpt.Obvious here, but if long passes and crosses into the box are our main attacking strategy, we need more than one man(Kazim) in said box. And if short passes and through-balls are the tactic, then players will need someone to pass to. How many times have we seen a lone midfielder stuck between dribbling til they lose possession or forced to shoot in awkward position c
  8. Just as I was about to join the Lawrence haters. He changes my mind.
  9. Kaz has been great, but he needs help inside the box. I think we got this if we push higher and throw Joz on.
  10. I dont think Rooney deserves all the blame. The players take 70+ minutes to start playing with urgency. And I would argue that our team has the worst chemistry in the league. I feel we have players that individually are strong, but they aren’t functioning together.
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