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  1. Watched the last quarter of the WBA vs Fulham game. Plenty of effort but championship quality at best from the boingers. They're going down. I wish pubs were open...
  2. Great result. Feared the worst after the injury. Come on you Rams! 🐏
  3. I was in the Ossie End for the Leeds riot (truly terrifying, non stop fighting, seat throwing all game) and I think it was reopened after being a family seating area for the first time that day. Closed after for the rest of the season! Sat in the C-Stand against Chelsea and had a cracking view of their seat smashing tantrums. That little cup run and the subsequent great escape from relegation under Peter Taylor and Roy Mac felt like we were on the way back.. Only for it all to go massively pear shaped the following season 😭
  4. Great day. Yeah, the noise when we scored and at the end was deafening. The Rams/Forest fixtures around that period were always 'eventful'.. 😁
  5. Totally agree. I should've been clearer. I'm over 50 and so are most of my Albion supporting mates, many over 60. So like us they bang on about better tines, what they expect from their team in terms of football style etc. Rather that than Villa, Forest or Leeds going on about winning European trophies.. Did Leeds ever win anything to back up that irritating Champions of Europe tosh that they insist on?
  6. Probably back to Cyrille Regis etc...
  7. Pulis that is. Can't remember much about the Hodgson era
  8. They hated him too. They like to think of themselves as a cultured footballing side...
  9. Local West Bromwich Albion supporters
  10. I live in Baggies territory and the locals I know aren't happy with the appointment. To them, he's anti-west brom football philosophy.
  11. Blimey. The 'I told you so' rutting on this thread....
  12. I hope he doesn't go to Wolves. Rangers I can cope with.
  13. There's a lot of hostility on here.
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