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  1. At this exact moment, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
  2. Salopian Brewery Lemon Dream. Jewellers Arms, Birmingham. Beautiful beer.
  3. Anybody else think we should stop the we're 'being picked on by the nasty efl' gubbins? This 'Oh woe is me' stuff is a bit cringey I think. What will be will be.
  4. Our local off licence sells Hofbrau Original and the Dunkel for £2.79 a bottle. Well worth it in my humble opinion. 👍🍺 Tried to download a photo but.. Anyway I'm working through a few of the former before I hit the latter. Cheers.
  5. Relieved and happy. Relegation would have been a disaster and I could only see another relegation after that and a Coventry City type situation unfolding. I've got no problem with players or fans enjoying the moment at all. It's been a cack year and we've survived. I don't care how we did it or if other team's players kept us up.
  6. Happy pre relegation day from Brum fellas 👍🍺
  7. And another thing, this thread is very much in Sheffield Wednesday Owlstalk mode..please lets all stop before it's too late!! 😭
  8. I live in the West Midlands and while you're correct that Villa are far and away the biggest club, a lot of their fanbase comes from outside of Brum across several counties and they also have a lot of support nationally. Blues are pretty much the local team across the south and centre and have a large city presence even though most of them don't go! 😂 By contrast to you in the 30 odd years I've lived here, I've met loads more Blues fans than Villa. Both teams have great away support but at St Andrews they just don't turn up.
  9. Leicester have almost done enough recently?! Since we won anything of note they've won the League Cup twice, the Premier league and the Championship and are firmly established in the top reaches of the league. They have a similar sized fanbase and the grounds are roughly the same size. If I were a Foxes fan I'd relegate us and the Dogs to your Brum and Stoke tier. They are so far ahead of us both now and are currently the top Midlands team which makes our plight even more depressing.
  10. There's loads of clubs that can claim to be 'big' based on past glories. Just look back at who has won the top division over the years. Plenty of clubs like us whose time has been and gone. It's laughable to suggest we're a big club these days.
  11. Won't be counting it. My other half runs a hospitality business and the last year has floored us despite me having a job, so every bit we can save and put back in is a positive 👍
  12. We're not renewing our season tickets - two of us. So we'll save £598 on train travel, can't remember what the season tickets price for both of us North Stand lower was, around £750 - £800? so more clank saved there. Positives there I reckon. I won't include ale and cob money as savings as we'll spend that in boozers locally rather than in Derby.
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