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  1. It was, certainly by 1997. But weren’t we told redevelopment was near impossible/too costly, due to the residential areas being so close? I suspect roads and all kinds of things would’ve needed changing. Let’s say for arguments sake the costs and practicalities of moving vs full redevelopment of the BBG were identical, I’d have chosen to stay every time.
  2. Brilliant. Takes me back. Flamingo and Firkin with the 2 pint steins next door. Good old days. great post. Thanks.
  3. What’s the latest? Anyone know.
  4. Then “the modern eye” has no taste at all. This is a clean classic. Love it.
  5. Cos he loves the drama and semi fame.
  6. The bounce is as awful as I remember. other than that bless em. I can’t wait to go back.
  7. Can we have our Derby back Mel? no more I’m a celeb appointments, shyster sheikhs, idiot owners and the rest. kind regards the vast majority.
  8. This shouldn’t be too much to ask of any owner. A bare minimum requirement.
  9. No. There has to be a balance. It’s the people claiming that GSE were almost godly that I’m getting at. It was never that good. A good base to work from yes but they weren’t messiahs.
  10. Let’s not try to re write history though. The bulk of GSE’s time was pretty dire. You can’t really cheer on a balance sheet.
  11. There’s a “threat” of being squashed by an artic every time you cross the road as well. I think Percy’s stock has slumped recently.
  12. You’d think by midweek up, down, win lose , draw there’d be some clarity.
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