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  1. And we thought the lamps to Chels saga was boring. got nothing on this horse poo.
  2. Anyone know if other aways will be included or which ones? on ST holders rams tv entitlement.
  3. Bargain. Don’t know what Melvin’s moaning about.
  4. Gordon Guthrie in the old Debenhams menswear department.
  5. Again, none of which means the way to go is Rooney as boss full time.
  6. I realise there’s very little choice. But that doesn’t make WR the right manager for Derby at this time.
  7. If the bar is set at ‘not being humped vs boro style’ then yes it’s an improvement. But not exactly aiming for the stars.
  8. For me it’s more... ”Rooney to assist , Rooney to assist”
  9. Wouldn’t say no. What I’m getting at is that it’s so easy to drift into the league below thinking your way.
  10. THIS. we’ve not got the luxury of time or plenty of points on the board.
  11. You’d think Melvyn would have the decency to update us soon, either way.
  12. Agreed. slav or big. S. For me, also you’re exactly right on Rooney. But I fear the PR is too much for the club to resist and it’s only a matter of time before he’s confirmed. As he’s already on the wage bill (or 32 red’s) appointing him will also be a cheap option. ☹️
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