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  1. There's numerous great points on this thread, ( too many to quote etc) but for me they are all missing the main issue. Pooh runs downhill. It's been totally crass mis management for years now, too numerous to mention them all, but from going into the dressing room, being seeming starstruck and appointing 'celeb managers', the cringeworthy 'Derby Way' statement, not to mention the having 'half the team from the academy' baloney Couple that with the underhand sale of the Stadium and the subsequent fights with the EFL and I see a common problem. This all starts and ends at the door of
  2. He got them promoted to the Championship and almost kept them up, despite all the ownership issues. They are currently 2 points shy of the play off spots. Taking into account all the off field shenanigans in recent seasons I would suggest he's done a pretty decent job. You're thinking of Lee Clark. Bowyer did play for Birmingham tho.
  3. 1. Wanted Paul Cook or Mick but I've backed Rooney since he was appointed. It's not at his door if we go down. He's given us a chance. 2. Folks are deluded if they think we're good enough to just play our own way. TBH we are proper poo. We have to look at stopping the opposition and hope to nick one. 3. Such as??? We are massively lacking in this area. (Proper poo) No one ( bar Watson, and very early days for him) plays with their head up. 4. Highly doubtful. I'm pretty confident in Mels ability to damage us further. 5. If Karanka keeps his job we'll be ok. If they move hi
  4. Their problems stem from a burst pipe.
  5. I had mine last week. I didn't get offered Horsley Woodhouse which is 200 yds from my house. I had to go to Babington!!!!
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