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  1. We knew you weren't much of a golfer when you wrote FOUR. The following description wasnt needed. It's not cricket old chap.
  2. No. That was my point earlier. Bit of responsibility gets added but you don't need an armband to be a leader.
  3. I couldn't be bothered to read the whole thread but was surprised at the positivity of the first few posts. Brilliant decision, gives a young man some responsibility whilst taking nothing away from those who don't need a black band on their arm in order to lead. First mega decision from Wayne. Plenty more to come.
  4. Just a feeling I get. I have contemplated at length the pros and cons. I wonder how he might have gone on without the 2 fakeovers, wages not being paid and being under a transfer embargo until as late as 24 hours before the window shut. It's each to their own, you've made your feelings clear on more than one occasion. I thought it time I made my thoughts known. Do you think he's been given a fair chance with Mels shitstorm? Do you think it has all been as he was told it would be?
  5. I'm of the opinion that Rooney will be an extremely successful manager. Based on my instinct, not his recent results. I doubt it will be with us though as I fear the Morris induced shitstorm still has lots of legs in it. Just wanted to get it out there so I don't get called an officer of hindsight. There. I've said it. Colours nailed well and truly to the mast.
  6. The one with Mark Crossley is brilliant. Clive Allen is also good. Actually they're all good. Well worth a listen
  7. Saul

    Steven Caan

    I'm pretty sure that Brian Cant
  8. Yeah, I remember him telling us that. Was that before or after he told us we had no FFP issues. Forgot to mention that he'd sold the stadium tho didn't he? Big pinch of salt is required where Uncle Mel is concerned. But feel welcome to keep believing what he says. If only he still spoke to us.
  9. To a degree I get you. But not one of us was complicit in the stadium sale etc. We all thought he was running it properly. More fool us. Mel sat at a forum and said we had no problem with FFP. Didn't tell us why tho. Pretty sure he admitted his fortune was due to a lucky investment chance which he took up. He's completely clueless and is getting a free ride cos he's a local man. I'm far from convinced he's even the fan he claims to be. Too much doesn't ring true for me. This isn't Mr Hindsight BTW. I said it years ago, just not on here. I don't post much. Too much baalocks on here to bother. I've just been to the Pub for the 1st time in eons tho.
  10. Me. Yes me. I hate Derby. Season ticket since 1979. But I hate Derby and I actually hope we go down because we deserve to. Mel has sucked every last bit of enthusiasm from me. Thanks Mel. You're clueless.
  11. There's numerous great points on this thread, ( too many to quote etc) but for me they are all missing the main issue. Pooh runs downhill. It's been totally crass mis management for years now, too numerous to mention them all, but from going into the dressing room, being seeming starstruck and appointing 'celeb managers', the cringeworthy 'Derby Way' statement, not to mention the having 'half the team from the academy' baloney Couple that with the underhand sale of the Stadium and the subsequent fights with the EFL and I see a common problem. This all starts and ends at the door of Mel Morris. His tenure has been nothing more than a total and utter disaster. If he was a fridge seller from the far east we'd all be up in arms about it, but 'he's one of our own' so it's ok. Thanks for the free scarf and the free cuppa tho Mel.
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