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  1. Not taking this seriously due to mis-use of apostrophe.
  2. Er... we did start the Football League
  3. He blocked me for pointing out similar yesterday. Despite his reasonably good reputation, he's not always right. Derby have made him look a right mug once or twice in the last year, intentionally? Probably not. The best journalism I've seen lately has come from Matt Slater of The Athletic. I think Percy probably had a good source in the club a few years back, now, not so much.
  4. Sun journo, say no more.
  5. ...sorry if that sounds bitchy. It's not intended to. There's just so much inane drivel being posted left, right and centre.
  6. The more 'educated' among us know that administration is not on the table.
  7. So, he's looked at CH and found MM as a director. He's set up alerts (anyone can do this) to email him any time there is a change/new filing received. That's as far as his knowledge and understanding goes. Is the information valid? Yes. Does it necessarily tell us anything? No.
  8. So a week today is deadline for resubmission of accounts. For all we know, they might have been resubmitted already. That gives us a week and a bit to potentially make some signings? What if the new numbers are extremely grim and we have indeed breached - does that mean we stay under embargo?
  9. Sky News: "Warning, the following may contain flash photography" Al Jazeera: Man has head removed with large blade. As you were.
  10. Comfortable 2-0 win for the Rams. Goals from Lawrence and Jozwiak.
  11. He was rattling the cages of the people that feed him.
  12. That's been there since 2019 though, however, they did remove the Ram from the video and replaced with the SV logo.
  13. He's certainly better at documenting the past...
  14. Sorry, it wasn't actually meant to be cryptic as such. Yes, Andy E very busy digging without ever joining the loops. I believe there's two parts to the sale - ground and club. How they then tie back up is anyone's guess at the moment. I think we'll see a different ownership model and I think it will be a huge improvement as there will no longer be a single ego/point of failure/bottleneck. I think the news on the ground will materialise first. The tick-tock was more of a p*ssing hurry up!
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