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  1. I repeat - having Wayne Rooney playing for Derby County is an important footnote in the history of Derby County Football Club. And his young boy Kai will probably grow up to be a professional football player, perhaps not as good as his Dad - but who knows? Is Tom Ince as good as his dad Paul?
  2. You're not interested then. are you?
  3. I post a positive emotion and it stirs up a nest of cynicism. You are some some sad souls my fellow Derby fans.
  4. I have just watched an old hagiographic BBC documentary about Wayne Rooney, presented by Gary Lineker, on Netflix. It was a very piss-poor film, but it made me really appreciate Wayne Rooney and how fortunate we are to have him as the captain of our football club. What a splendid chapter in the history of Derby County this will turn out to be.
  5. Why - Mucker - is this hard work?
  6. What are you trying to tell me?
  7. Oh my goodness! I feel like I've just dipped my hand into a dirty swamp for a dare from my classmates.
  8. Sally Pepper seems to be a sane and rational person with a very happy private life. Why would Norman Hull phone Sally Pepper?
  9. My recent posts are being censored. Why?
  10. It's like the Benny Hill show.
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