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  1. My money is on Mel , he's at the root of all the other sh@t happening at our club at the moment
  2. I'll be more than happy if we get anything for Roos
  3. We have the option of a further year so I'd keep him and hope that our situation is better next summer plus any money raised would not go back into the team and we would have to replace him
  4. It was bad under the amigo's but it was never that bad that we couldn't put 11 players out (they usually were not very good but at least we had them)
  5. If he comes back and stays even remotely fit he will be sold in January.... Unless we have new owners in the next week or two of course
  6. The "rule" is if they have played one game they are classed as first team, I guess we could and should argue Covid ??
  7. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-transfer-embargo-signings-5629779
  8. We can't have a squad bigger than 23 players and we have to include the kids who played against Chorley as "first team players" , I think we currently sit at 24 with those included (it explains why we have let so many kids go and why we can't complete a deal for Mengi , the EFL are trying every which way to stuff us over
  9. We can't sign ANY players even kids due to us having played the scratch side against Chorley
  10. We can't even sign him (an 18 year old academy player on loan..) at the moment .......thanks Mel https://the72.co.uk/241734/Derby-county-have-agreement-in-place-for-manchester-uniteds-teden-mengi-to-join/
  11. We won't know for definite what league we will be in until the 3rd game of the new season, if we have to wait till then administration will be right around the corner
  12. https://www.themag.co.uk/2021/06/andy-carroll-has-been-offered-a-new-contract-for-2021-22-report-newcastle-united/
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