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  1. Well time to sign off, thanks for the experience last night, good day out all round. Enjoyed the game and the result was too be expected and fair. So good luck to "Wayne Rooneys Derby " against Man Utd.
  2. Back at the Navigation if you fancy buying 400 of us a pint.
  3. In the Harvester, but maybe not for much longer 😂
  4. We tend to work hard further south and are allowed to finish work early for a big day out 😂😂
  5. Well we have arrived and are in the pub, no Derby around, very poor 😂😂
  6. Loving the "farmer " quotes. Reinforces that we are a small team, from a small town, with a small ground. So we have nothing to lose against the big "City" boys. It really doesn't matter to us, win ,lose or draw, we've made some cash that will set us up for a while. I suspect we will make a fair bit of noise, might well out do you as it's looking like not too many of you fancy it.
  7. Not been confirmed according to the FA as they are waiting to see which games are on TV, or has that not reached your part of the world yet👍😎
  8. Just over 3,000 tickets sold so far, will sell more tonight as we have a home game. Not bad as at this point we dont know when the game is. Hows the home sales going ?
  9. We like a good day out , that's why we will bring loads, took 7,500 to MK for a cup replay and lost. Took 5,000 to Liverpool and won, both were great days out, cant see why Pride Park will be any different. We never expect to win therefore we have nothing to lose. If we can out do you on your own patch, then all well and good. If you dont fancy it fair enough, we just like to watch our team play.
  10. Thanks for the info, might be worth parking close to the Stadium early PM then making our way up to the City Centre, then drink our way back.
  11. Blimey, if as low as that, then as low as 8,000 home fans ? That might work in our favour a bit.
  12. We will sell the allocation given to us, would be nice to see 20,000 plus at the game. Should be a good atmosphere in the away end, more than likely alot of fans will try and make a day of it with plenty of ale flowing. Any clue as to the best pubs in town ?
  13. Good game last night, always thought that you would sneak it at the end as we tired. Should be a good night for the replay, especially if the draw on monday throws up a juicy tie. Not sure how many away supporters you allow, FA rules normally state 15% of Capacity which hopefully we will sell.
  14. Egg chasers tend to vacate the pubs just before 7, Town fans will hang in there a bit longer. You might get in the Walter Tull for a drink but it will either be packed or home fans only or maybe both. The bowling alley has a bar as do all the eateries at Sixfields. There are pubs in Duston where you will get in, but they are 15/20 minutes walk away. You should be able to get a drink in the ground up till kick off. Avoid going towards the Town centre as that's closer to the Rugby ground therefore busier.
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