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  1. This is all so terribly disappointing. Each of the players seem to do well enough, at times, but probably not often enough. I thought that all of the loan signings looked to be good ones. Substitutions made, appear to be good ones. One win in ten; that is very bad. Three bookings, in the first few minutes; those were seriously bad news. Could none of them have been avoided?
  2. I am not sure that they do. There have been some good performances, from the team, from individuals, and from the manager, but, overall, I am not sure that they do. I find the "Rams TV" commentary to be far too biased, towards Derby, with reasonable play being over-lauded, and there being insufficient excellence. I do not wish to see "The Rams" relegated, but I feel that maybe too many other teams have a more deserving case, for staying up. Thank you.
  3. Surely, with one minute to go, the Derby players should have been closing down as if there lives depended, instead of throwing the towel in, and saying, yes, you go ahead, and score, if you want to. 'And bl--dy Waghorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I enjoy watching. Everything, at the moment, is supremely interesting. When the young players come in, they mostly seem to do very well. When more-senior players are re-selected, they seem to do well too. I enjoy thinking about all of this. I think that if we had a bustling youngish centre forward, who dragged the play much further upfield, Richard Keogh style, then that make a fine difference. It is apparent that Rooney and Waghorn now appear to lack the necessary physical attributes, although Rooney does some marvellous things, at times. His passing is excellent. The appointment o
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