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  1. 11 hours ago, angieram said:

    Frankly, I don't think we will see it for Derby as he will be off at the end of the season. I might join him.....

    Not for the first time, I'm with @angieram on this one.

    I've supported Derby for over 40 frustrating years, sometimes up, mostly down, and recently I've found myself pondering on what it actually means to support the club.  After all, there is almost no link between the Derby of the late '70s and that of today - not the players, manager, owners; not even the ground.  Perhaps the kit, if you squint in a low light...

    I think it was Rowett's preposterous sale of Will Hughes that really crystallised it for me - it's through the development of the club's young players that I most identify with the club.  I really enjoy watching young football players develop; like the vicarious thrill of hearing fans of other teams talk about "that young Derby player" they've seen; even more so when, like Buchanan this season, they show it on a bigger stage.

    That's why, after yesterday's disappointment, I found myself looking at other results - Will Hughes at Watford, obviously, but also Jack Stretton at Stockport, Farrend Rawson (& Nigel Clough) at Mansfield, Charles Vernam at Bradford, wondering where JH-I is at Stevenage....  These players (and manager) are always "Derby" to me.

    And so, after Rooney's ill-advised public comments about Louie Sibley yesterday, I no longer care whether Rooney goes or stays.  For me, Derby County isn't about Wayne Rooney, it's about Louie Sibley, Max Bird, Lee Buchanan and the others.   Keep going, boys.

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