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  1. Painting earlier just going to check on it
  2. We deserved a point tonight Edmundson looked all reet Roberts looked weak but deserves another chance Wisdom was very good Rooney very professional about CKR's goal that wasn't given Anyway back to the lambing for me and none look like Dark Fruits
  3. Im sure this will go to the wire for us Were not scoring enough goals Bielik was more important to the team than Rooney Im hoping we just have enough We have only scored more than 1 goal in 2 games this season, just have a chew on that
  4. were going down but ive has 4 tup lambs born today ready for moor farm to sell in January window otherwise its Bakewell
  5. and how do you think we will get out of this
  6. Does anyone know how many goals we've scored from open play I think its 5 and from that how many were gifted in the game against Birmingham Glad im in the middle of lambing and lots of Rams being born
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