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  1. He's definitely old school. No bad thing IMO, just depends on what players you have at the club. I like him, but don't think he'll fit in with a lot of the clubs who want a head coach system. I know he had talks with Fulham not so long back, and that he has asperations to manage at the top of the Champ or Prem (unlikely obv) again. I'm not saying he wouldn't consider Derby, but I think he'll hold out until at least Jan before looking at teams lower down the Champ.
  2. Been some big changes at Sheff U since Wilder left. He set the club up from tip to top to fall in line with his ethos, so the change in itself may take them some time to adapt to. They've now a load of players at the club who were traditional, out on the piss after a win players, who Wilder unified with that mentality (one of the reason moral suffered with all the pubs & clubs shut). So I'm not so sure they'll be as motivated by the new setup.
  3. Alf

    Lee Buchanan

    What's he gonna be worth season end when he's out of contract, and Rooney has him looking like a no-hoper through his inept management? If you a 2m offer comes in take it and run, because he won't be the difference between keeping you up and going down, and he'll be off season end for next to nowt anyway.
  4. Watched the Derby match stream today alongside watching the Trent Rockets smash the Braves. You chaps don't look to have a goal in you. Mel's really screwed you over big time. Makes Fazza look like a genius.
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