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  1. Our passing can be unbelievable one minute, then non league standard the next
  2. Martin never scored against Forest. Today is the day, Chrissy.
  3. Almost in tears. I love that he cares so much, though.
  4. Is he there? Have I missed something?
  5. He was when he walked into the stadium.
  6. Because they can both still play, and are therefore assets. Mel isn't going to just throw £6m+ away. I fully expect both of them to be sold in January.
  7. Based on what the statement says, they both fall foul of the outlined expectations. However, they are both assets, so Mel is hardly going to throw away £6m+ worth of players.
  8. So based on that club statement, I'd expect both Lawrence and Bennett to be sold in January.
  9. Paterson has really stepped up to the plate this week.
  10. It was interesting what Mel said on Radio Derby before yesterday's game. He said Cocu has done amazing things around the club. I think he should be given plenty of time to not only embed his playing style, but also to shape the squad over a couple of transfer windows.
  11. As I sat at the game today, something dawned on me: We are Derby County. No one is bigger than our fantastic club. Lawrence, Bennett and Keogh are not bigger than our club. Keogh is done. The other two will be dealt with in the courts and by the club. But Derby will march on. Win, lose or draw our fantastic fans will turn out to support those players that do deserve our support and respect. Great win. Davies is a fantastic leader. Paterson, Martin and Holmes showed grit and determination. We. Are. Derby.
  12. With 300+ games for Derby and him nearing retirement, the club would probably have employed him as an ambassador. That's gone down the toilet now.
  13. Mel Morris is a top man. What I'd really like to see is those three idiots stand in the centre circle with a microphone and apologise.
  14. And I would! The scenarios you present should all be frowned upon by any empathetic human being. I also don't see those scenarios as like for like. Their state of mind was altered due to the intake of alcohol. They were not of sound mind or able to respond as rapidly. Then they should have been guided by the elders within the party. At what point do you draw the line? 23 years and 4 days? 26 years? 30 years? Yes we've all done stupid things and endangered ourselves, but I have never altered my state of mind and put the lives of others at risk.
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