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  1. I thought Frank was great for us and did give some younger players a chance with signings from a lower division. He was also very reliant on the 3 loan players who were class. Cocu’s done this without them and brought a lot of the academy through. Rooney’s helped of course but for his first season in English football and all the off-field issues it’s a superb achievement. I also think he really does have the long term interests of the club at heart and a plan to deliver.
  2. I watched that and spotted it. That game’s featured in fever pitch. Didn’t we do the double over them that year?
  3. Alan Sunderland for Arsenal against Man Utd in the 1979 Cup Final. One of the best last 5 mins of a game ever.
  4. As a left footer I think commentators are 100% correct 😂
  5. It is mentioned in Fever Pitch. That win meant the title went to the last game. For the youngsters Arsenal had to beat Liverpool at Anfield by 2 goals to win the league. If they didn’t the title was Liverpool’s. Thomas scored in injury time to make it 2-0. Far more significant and important than Aguero’s as both potential winners played each other.
  6. Crikey that brings back memories. The TV would go on when the build up started and you’d barely move. Cup Final Question of Sport, It’s a Knockout and so on. And when it was done you’d be out in the street (yes, you played football in the street in those days) or down the “rec” to replay the game!!
  7. Our numbers are higher but we’re reporting all deaths. Other countries are only reporting hospital deaths so it’s not a like for like comparison.
  8. Some lessons here. Germany are often cited as a great example but there’s a warning about going too soon. We all want some sort of lifting of restrictions but go too soon and it may be a case of starting again. This is a bit like doing DIY - measure twice, cut once!!
  9. Excellent film that. Really good to get a bit about his career before The Rams and his journey back.
  10. I’ve previously posted a couple of pics of our cat Simba and dog Ollie. I thought I’d share a picture of our new addition Jack. He’s coming up to 6 months old and we’ve had him for just over 2 months. He’s Ollie’s younger brother. He originally went to someone else but they handed him back to breeder after a month 😢. We decided to have him and how could you not love that face and proper puppy dog eyes!!
  11. Yep, same here. I remember my first scarf was blue and white checks, Derby County in the middle on one side, red and blue on the other side. I tied it to the railings at PP after Sir Brian died 😢.
  12. Indeed it is immortalised by Graham Richards famous words......
  13. Anyone remember the cards The Sun did in the 70s? If you moved them the players moved. I seem to remember having one with Colin Boulton on. Quite cool at the time!!
  14. At present it’s this on a live cd......
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