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    They’re both pretty spoil. Put it this way, I know my place in our house😂!!
  2. Agree with this. I think they’re both far better going forward and our play relies on them for the width. The extra man at the back gives enough cover. With the emergence of Shinnie Bielik could be an option in the back 3. We’d also able to play 2 upfront.
  3. Coolascustard


    They’re both pretty spoilt. Put it this way, I know my place in our house😂!!
  4. Is it me and the mood I’m in on a Friday evening but does anyone else think Winner Takes It All is a brilliant song with great lyrics and melody. How hard must have been to put all your emotions down on paper and your ex wife (or soon to be) to sing them for the world to hear.
  5. Coolascustard


    Visited this thread quite a bit but first time posting on it. These are our two - Simba the cat and Ollie the dog. Simba was a rescue from the RSPCA and we had Ollie as a pup a year ago.
  6. Supporting a football club is all about taking the rough with the smooth no matter what happens. The club will be here for a very long time after some people may have tarnished its image. You can change a lot of things in life but your choice of football team is one you can’t. It’s in your DNA!!
  7. Derby 3 - 1 Birmingham FRGS Martin Siege mentality will have them fired up!!
  8. Agree, may not be ready for 90 mins but I’d like to see him for 60ish. The problem with Marriott on his own in this system is he likes the ball in front of him so unless he gets there first it keeps coming back. He may be better at home when the onus is on us to attack but away from home you need someone to hold it up. If we play it into Martin he can bring others into play or win a free kick in true wardrobe style!!
  9. Leeds 3 - 1 Derby FRGS Waghorn Sorry, head ruling heart on this one.
  10. Spot on!! The best managers will have a long term plan and accept that there’ll be a few knock backs along the way. The strong ones hold their ground. Sometimes you have to move slower to move quicker if that makes sense. If we bring some of the youth through and it means losing a few more games and a mid-table finish and we start next season with Cocu in charge I believe we’ll be in a stronger position to not just get promotion but to stay there. I’d rather do that than keep starting again every year.
  11. Panini Football 80, the only one I ever completed!! Billy Caskey was a proper striker 😭.
  12. Same here. Dispels the myth you need a big man and little man combination. Goddards chip against Everton was class
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