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  1. I’ve given up listening on RD now. Can’t stand listening to the whining and winging. I wait for the goal alerts which means I do actually get to know what’s happening. Last game I listened to was Boro away and within 30 secs the missus was making her displeasure known - well I assume it about the commentators!!
  2. It’s a difficult one because there’s clearly a talented footballer there, we just don’t see it consistently. But that’s why he’s playing in the Championship. For one reason or another, whether it’s the expectation of the transfer fee, Rowett claiming he’s the new Ince, or off-field stuff, it seems he’s one of those that it just doesn’t seem to have worked for him here. And let’s be honest he’s not the only one to have arrived with high expectations and it not work. I wonder if, for his own well-being (there are people near me who boo him if he stands still 50 yards from the ball and refuse to cheer when he scores!!) and his career, he would benefit from a move.
  3. Enjoyed watching both parts of this last night. Really good interaction between them both in Part 1 about the rumours that CG reported. Wonder what Sav would make of Ramage if he was playing now??
  4. “The EFL now claims it made a mistake and seeks to punish the Club that relied on the EFL’s approval” Basics of Contract Law - you cant benefit from your own default.
  5. Good point. Probably the most suitable option as bringing Martin in would lack mobility up front. The selection shows how do have a few options now with the emergence of some of the academy players and others returning to fitness, something we’ve lacked for a couple of months. I’m pleased his gone back to pretty much the same team that’s played the last couple of league games. One forced change and one not.
  6. Pretty much how I saw it. Really good first half and should have had it done and dusted by half time if our finishing was better. I can understand a nervy finish and the defensive subs. We played 75 mins with 10 men on Monday, a lot of young players and players like Rooney, Clarke and Wisdom playing their first games in a while. Bird has impressed me a lot the last two games. Always wants the ball and keeps it simple.
  7. Won’t believe it until John Percy reports it!!
  8. And it’s a sad thing thing that there’s no such thing as a long term manager. Sometimes it’s underestimated how long it can take to turn round performance
  9. I admire your passion and I wouldn’t accuse anyone of anything. I don’t want us to be the next Sunderland or Pompey either!! I get it’s not a great position to be in but I do think we’ve over achieved the last couple of seasons. Maybe I’m glass half full but I do think it will come good.
  10. Good points and I see where you’re coming from. I get what you say but Arthur Cox wouldn’t have made it to Christmas in today’s world as it took him two years to get out the 3rd division!! I just want a bit of stability. Call me rose tinted or whatever but I do think it will come good. My glass is half full!!
  11. Great points. I do think we’ve made a lot of knee jerk decisions in the recent past which is why I want stability. Can we afford to down, who can? And who plans to get relegated? We are, on paper, as big as them both but they both had to have a step back to move forward. We have a great fan base and the passion on this forum is testament to that. Maybe I’m a bit old and a bit more patient.
  12. I agree it was a mistake to not give Mac 2 time and I think Mel has learned from this (although I’m not sure he really bought into Mac 2). Stability is key. In another post you’ve mentioned Leicester and Sheff Utd. Great examples but what both have in common is coming from League 1 and sticking with a manager. Leicester may have moved on but Pearson (!!) took them from League 1 to the Premier League. Great debate fella!!
  13. I get what your saying and I’m prepared to give any manager time. I thought the same when Mac was sacked and, to be, any of them. It’s a tough job but football culture today demands instant results. I kinda got the first one with Newcastle, etc but I do think he should have been given more time second time round. My view is Mel was never really bought into Mac and used the poor run as an excuse to appoint Rowett but there you go. I’m not a fan of the “hire ‘em and fire ‘em” approach as I do believe it’s a short-term view. But the point about coach still stands. Mac’s a great coach, arguably one of the best. And maybe that’s what’s missing. Maybe it’s something in the coaching staff. And I still say that sometimes you move backwards to go forwards.
  14. I’m for Cocu in as I do think we need stability and he will come good. I know we had a great season when Mac took over but I do think your first sentence sums him up - he coached Man Utd to the treble. Listen to Bryson talk and he says Mac was a good coach but a poor man-manager. Maybe something in the coaching staff is what we need?
  15. Coolascustard


    It is ridiculous. There were three disallowed goals yesterday due to VAR and none fit the definition of clear and obvious.
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