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  1. Of course it would be much more expensive. However on that basis, if you consider that PP was revalued at £55m in 2007 (before FFP?) then doesn't their sale price of around half of what it cost to build (which was similar to our revaluation amount, and they were built within a couple of years of each other) seem very low, rather than ours very high? I know that the stadium valuations are based on depreciated replacement cost, and for that they have to assume the lifespan of the asset, surely the fact that many clubs are still playing in their original grounds shows that with regular maintenance and updates (which PP has obviously had) the lifespan would most likely be much longer than the assumed one? I wonder if that would mean that when a revaluation is done they consider a new lifespan and that might wipe out most of the previous assumed depreciation, as it hadn't depreciated as much as imagined. So if when the revaluation comes around it's say 15 years into a 30 year expected lifespan and they decide it still has another 30 year lifespan from that point, would that decrease the previous depreciation and make it immediately worth more than it's book value - as that is cost/valuation minus depreciation? I think they also sold theirs to their parent company, where as ours was sold to a company outside of the group, even though they are both ultimately under control of the same person. I'm not sure whether that would make a difference on whether they had to get a valuation to complete the sale? That's why I'm really not sure whether or not they had it valued. If they didn't then surely their price has absolutely no relevance to ours as we did get ours valued? On a slight side note I found it interesting reading about DRC valuations, as I, like I think most do going from other comments, assumed that it was the cost for a replica stadium in the same place that lead to the valuation. However it seems to say that it is for a 'modern equivalent' (maybe not so relevant with PP already being fairly modern) in a different location, as though you were starting from scratch, because you wouldn't pay more for the existing (with it's potential limitations) than it would cost to build a new one. I do wonder if the expected cost of acquisition of a new site would increase the cost of PP, as I'm not sure where a theoretical new stadium could be built if required? I can't remember whether it said it would have to be land that could actually be bought and used for that purpose, but I'd assume so and there's not too much of that around.
  2. The thing that makes me laugh about this whole situation is that people seem to have decided ours was obviously overvalued because Reading's was sold for so much lower. Did their stadium not cost approximately £50m to build at a not too dissimilar time to ours? How is theirs worth so little now? Do we know if they got a valuation for their sale?
  3. Maybe they've learned since then that it's rife throughout football? It's never really seemed like there has been a disproportionate amount of footballers arrested for drink driving compared to everyone else. One thing I've been wondering, sports people who win something tend to have champagne or have drinks in the dressing room afterwards to celebrate, how much do they drink and how do they get home? I don't know the answers, none of us do. What is now much more important, as the past cannot be changed, is that everyone thinks about what they should have done differently and makes sure they change their actions in the future.
  4. John Percy's article last month not long after the crash did include the bit below: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/09/27/Derby-head-coach-phillip-cocu-drops-tom-lawrence-mason-bennett/ Edit: I know it was this year, in May, but that's what the article states.
  5. We know now that he needs help, what we don't know is how good he was at hiding his problems before this.
  6. Roundabout? I thought it happened at the A6 junction with Burley Lane, isn't that a T junction, has that been changed?
  7. I'm sure another tweet said they left Keogh and the other passenger, so I assume it's a different person. I don't think it really matters though to be honest, and I don't think we need to know who the other passengers were, they were not driving (so probably had little say in what happened after the crash) and they were seemingly not particularly injured (we've not heard much on any other injuries so I assume they were not serious). If they were players of ours then they should thank their lucky stars that they weren't seriously injured after making the bad decision to get into cars with drivers who had been drinking and the club will have dealt with it behind closed doors and that should be the end of the matter as far as the other passengers are concerned.
  8. Add to the fact that we're all here judging their actions from the night in our (hopefully!) non drunk, non panicking states. What makes sense to us now (and probably to them too now they're thinking straight) may not be the same as what made sense to them on the night. We can ask as many questions as we like about 'why did they do this?' but we'll probably never understand, and it's also possible that they're thinking exactly the same thing as us now, wondering why did they do what they did?
  9. I don't think he was, I'm sure there was a quote in one of the (many) articles from either the Police or Ambulance service saying they found him nearby or something along those lines.
  10. It doesn't sound good that they left the scene at the time, I'd imagine they panicked, and I'm not sure people tend to act rationally when they are panicking, at least they did go back, presumably after they started to calm down and think rationally again.
  11. I think I've seen that comment, if it's the one I believe it is then it actually says: https://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/82875/krystian-bielik-signed-on-loan/p7 Given he played our last game and has only missed the international ones then I'm pretty sure that comment isn't referring to our 'head coach' who is actually titled manager, as I feel your comment above was trying to imply?
  12. The good thing is, it didn't seem to have affected the u23's on Thursday night, whether that's because it's easier to keep them away from it or whether that's because the club have tried to keep things as normal as they possibly can inside I'm not sure.
  13. I know it's different for people inside a club, they know the players better than we do, but I've seen fans of other clubs say things like 'I'm so glad our players are sensible and wouldn't do anything like that', you know, if this had happened at a different club I would have thought the same thing, but here we are, it has happened in our club and I never would have expected it.
  14. Same, it was sheer luck that they didn't kill anyone, including themselves, and as ridiculous as this may sound (as it would obviously have been better if it didn't happen ever!) I'm glad that if it had to happen then it happened at a time when no one outside of the people who had control of their own situation got injured or worse, and this way, they should learn a lesson and it hasn't come at as high a cost as it might have if it had happened at a different time.
  15. It's just horrible for everyone involved with the club, including us fans. I just keep thinking how Mel must be feeling, he's paying all of this money to pay the players and run the club and then a few of them go and do this and put him into this situation. However we might be feeling, he must be feeling so much worse right now.
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