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    Fair comment.....however I'll think you'll find Nigel Callaghan (a quoted example of a hugger of the touchline) was right footed (although not a complete one footer like some mentioned). Thereby by the logic of this must be on the wing of his strongest foot / hugging the touchline convo would have been playing on the wrong wing.
  2. smiths_tavrn


    Maradona one footed. Archie Gemmill one footed. Roberto Carlos one footed. Mohamed Salah one footed.
  3. smiths_tavrn

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    There must be a bit of you that wants to see him RATTLEd Bob? 😆😆
  4. smiths_tavrn

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Yes I bet they can't wait to adder up all the profit they've made. I just hope we can snake a win tonight and viper that grin of Rowett's face. It would make it time well serpent for those fans travelling.
  5. smiths_tavrn

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Wave your snake with pride Dappled.
  6. smiths_tavrn

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Well I hope Mel has got the good grace to go and shake Peter Coates firmly by the hand and say "Peter old boy, thanks for taking the pixie eared, blinking, lip-smacking twit off our hands The £2 million you gave us was very charitable too. Oh and while you're at it tell him to get a decent pair of trainers. This ain't the Chatsworth Estate you know"
  7. smiths_tavrn

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Here's a song suggestion. Ok it's a bit childish. "We all agree Frankie is better than Snakey."
  8. smiths_tavrn

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    A poor Stoke performance, who knows some Stoke fans might even join in with the Derby fans abusing Rowett.
  9. smiths_tavrn

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Yes Tyree Wilson has turned 16. He's a first year scholar. Here's a vid from last season when he was an under 16 although he did play some games for the under 18s. I'm pretty sure he's a Nottingham lad, so one we nicked from under the noses of them down the road. 😆😃😆 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6YTi426rlY
  10. smiths_tavrn

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    How the hell does he fit it in being a full time footballer with an acting career? The guy is incredible.
  11. smiths_tavrn

    Offrande Zanzala - Accrington Permanent deal

    Cameron Creswell and Lewis Walker. Eyoma, Mitchell-Lawson, Gordon and McAllister attacking widemen. Although pre-season Gordon has been filling in at right back.
  12. smiths_tavrn

    Snake City watch

    He's just been on Snake Stoke-on-Trent's Sport at Six program. Fair few "worked incredibly hard", "In the building" and smacking of lips. Stoke fans are absolutely raving about the interview on their Oatcake fanzine message board 😄 For the masochists amongst you.
  13. smiths_tavrn

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Yeah, Frank needs to show migrant the green card.

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