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  1. Lol you believe everything the controlled media say to you.
  2. Your mind is so closed you're not even prepared to give this hypothesis time of day.
  3. No I was a bit aled up last night. What's one to do now the boozers are shut? I'll just repeat what I've said previously and see if the penny begins to drop. I have a strong hunch that this is staring everyone slap bang in the face. Virtually 100 % of the deaths have two things in common. Coronavirus and the as it is referred to "underlying health issues". Every single time the cause is given as coronavirus, never ever the underlying health issues. Never ever once is it the underlying health issues. So why are people with underlying health issues dying. Maybe it's the toxic anti-viral drugs used to treat them. Maybe this is what's killing so many and not the virus. Think about it. The theory holds. What's more because you're encouraged to get yourself tested the number of cases classified as coronavirus will shoot through the roof adding to the panic and the slow descent in martial law. The number of people with existing health problems receiving anti-virals will shoot through the roof. They've got to take the anti-virals don't you know because this virus is a killer. But what if the virus isn't the killer? What if its the anti-virals given to people with less than optimal health that's killing them. Think about it again. This would explain the spikes in Spain and Italy. It would explain rapid rise in numbers everywhere. The awful thing here is what if they hadn't been diagnosed with coronavirus, not been given anti-virals? Maybe they'd still be alive. If this is the case then current medical policy isn't saving lives, it's taking them away. Call me a loon but show me how my logic is faulty. As I've said before, join the dots. News from Italy. More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions. Average age of death 79.5. Median age 80.5. More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease. These people will almost certainly be on anti-virals. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-18/99-of-those-who-died-from-virus-had-other-illness-italy-says "Ribavirin may decrease the number of red blood cells in your body. This is called anemia and it can be life-threatening to people who have heart disease or circulation problems." See link below. High blood pressure is a circulation problem. If you read the link below diabetes is covered too. That's all three conditions covered and there's many many more conditions where it can cause havoc. https://www.cardiosmart.org/Healthwise/d000/85/d00085
  4. Believe me I don't seek notoriety. Funny that as virtually everybody seems to hate my guts. I've had the odd complimentary comment. Thanks Chester and C Stand, You are two people with the more than an average size pair of baalocks.
  5. Haha don't be so impatient, Santa is coming tomorrow.
  6. But you're always very antagonistic to me G STAR. Not like I give the flying proverbial.
  7. I might just come out with my bombshell post tomorrow. I'm going to get hammered to hell. Have I got the nerve?
  8. Thanks much appreciated, No idea about Curtains, No idea what he's all about.
  9. I cant even be arsed with that.
  10. OK Mucker not a bad attempt at humour. Bit juvenile isn't it though? I do appreciate your attempt at humour though. Kudos.
  11. Well done in exposing me. You quite clearly are one serious intellectual.
  12. I very much doubt in the days of the plague Coconut that people had underlying health issues. Plus no one goes out to die regardless, Come on that is nonsense.
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