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  1. Jason Shackell

    Me too but Pearce will be on what? 15K a week, Shackell 40K. That's one reason why we're keeping Pearce. These wages are totally guesstimates by the way. Another, I have heard rumours in the past, yes rumours, that Shackell isn't the most liked in the dressing room. I do remember Rowett's reaction to Shackell being mentioned at some get together, I think it was at the Old Bell Fans Forum and while not saying anything untowards, his eyes went into immediate rolling mode. The body language spoke!
  2. Jason Shackell

    Wages of what? 40K a week? Dyche said he couldn't believe what we were paying him. So including wages he's cost us £7 million so far and rising. Good defender but not as it turns out value for money.
  3. Ademola Lookman

    Yeah stupid comment from me. Walsh decides whether the stone is worthy of a cut and polish.
  4. Ademola Lookman

    3 starts and 5 sub appearances.
  5. Ademola Lookman

    Another Steve Walsh scouting I believe. You've got to hand it to him, he's unearthed a few good uns.
  6. Eisner buys Pompey

    No doubt Pompey fans They think it's Maleficent news. They're just hoping their style of play doesn't go too Ariel.
  7. Eisner buys Pompey

    I sense this topic might get a bit Peter Pun infested. You Mustafa laugh though.
  8. Eisner buys Pompey

    Cinderella would be a bad signing. She'd keep running away from the ball.
  9. Eisner buys Pompey

    That would be the Bare Necessities.
  10. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    We could of course get one of our pawns to the top end (8th rank) and see him promoted to a queen
  11. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Plus you don't know how hard they are being worked in training. Maybe more so than leading up to a competitive game. Incidentally, 605 away fans at Doncaster.
  12. I forgot to pencil in Forest fans for the north of the County. I should imagine that there are many more Forest fans from Derbyshire.than there are Derby fans from Nottinghamshire. Strange that in these border towns / villages that you never get any Notts County fans.
  13. Yeah I realise that was a bit badly worded. I'd been out in the sun.
  14. Was in Heanor a few years back. I used to see this huge Forest flag draped from one of the upstairs windows in, I think it was Ray Street. Very provocative.
  15. Rowett's blinking

    While we're at it, has anyone noticed how much he smacks his lips? That's not guaranteed every time like the blinking though.

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