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  1. Interesting point that as Derby's financial year ends on 30th June. Maybe there's something in it, I dunno.
  2. They say that two heads are better than one but this is ridiculous.
  3. Oh I dunno, he could have been one of our proven reserves.
  4. David Brent and probably about forties other people.
  5. Bit of a roughneck to compensate though.
  6. You've got me over a barrel now.
  7. Let's hope he's got plenty more in the tank.
  8. Don't you think that his puns of late have become much more refined?
  9. Oil go with that.
  10. People will think DCFC fans are dentally ret**ded doing 10 pages of puns.
  11. Yes he's well drilled in those positions.
  12. A lot of people will be happy when this signing is wrapped up so we can say tartar to this thread.
  13. Is that your best offer? What if Huddersfield were to put £5 million worth of crisp £20 notes on the table?
  14. Indecent proposal. Everyone's got their price. How big would the loan fee have to be before you'd say yes to the deal?