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  1. Clumsy tackle from Harvey Smith. He needs to stick to show jumping.
  2. Looks like we've gone 5-2-3, alternating with 4-3-3 with Bateman pushing up.
  3. Wassall for Sibley? Doubt it'll be 10 now.
  4. Yeah it's crap Darren. Time to liven things up a bit.
  5. Every single Derby player looks on it. Can they keep this up 2nd half? Maybe Ken Barlow's nephew will get an extended run out?
  6. 5-0...We want six, we want six.......
  7. 4-0, what are the chances of double figures?
  8. Apparently he's William Roache's (Ken Barlow off Corrie) nephew.
  9. He looked turbo charged tonight.
  10. Sibley eh, what a star in the making. Liked the look of him from when I saw him first play. Let's hope his all action style doesn't burn him out. He in some ways reminds me of a young Bryan Robson. Loved the shoulder barge from MacDonald near the end. He's going to make the grade isn't he? So many promising players springing up. Well done whoever's sparked the academy into life.
  11. I have to say I love to watch the under 23s. Unfortunately I only saw the last half hour tonight. Not his fault because it's not his position but that Kellan Gordon is a liability at right back.
  12. The first thing that strikes me about him is that he needs very little backlift to get his shot away.
  13. With Roach in the side we should start to batter teams.
  14. I'd imagine the puns here cod get out of hand very quickly.
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