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  1. The lad is rapid. OK he isn't the tallest but Colin Todd was only 5'9. I'd imagine he's got a couple of inches on Toddy, if you pardon the expression.
  2. How many times does Mark Edworthy use the word certainly?
  3. All this "he's one of our own/ local lad/ born in Derby" crap. As far as I know he's from Langwith which is a good 30 miles away from Derby. More Mansfield area if anything.
  4. ffs get Holmes in the first team. He looks tasty.
  5. Immense on the pitch I'm presuming you mean because boy did Rob put a performance in, in that goal mouth punch up.
  6. it had been 2 points for a win. I'm surprised no ones made an issue out of this. Or maybe they have and I've missed it.
  7. DM for me. However another alternative would be as a sweeper. Five at the back and him employed similar to how Franz Beckenbauer was used in the West German team of the '70s.
  8. Only just over a year ago. Rowett joined Stoke in May 2018.
  9. Oh I disagree, let's keep mini milking them to maxibon effect.
  10. I don't suppose having a funny foot helps Lolly much either.
  11. Yeah well someone needs to give him a rocket.
  12. Just had a read on LTLF. Apparently Ben Watson is slower than wind erosion. That comment must be up there with Chris Martin turning slower than milk.
  13. Semedo looked promising. The rest......oh dear.
  14. Perhaps we could change the name of the topic to the Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread?
  15. Forest;'s pre-season preparations . Where are they going for a five day camp? Yes you guessed it, Greece. Friendly matches against against Atromitos on Saturday 13th July and surprise surprise Olympiacos on Tuesday 16th July. The match on the 16th.....Forest A v Forest B or Forest B v Forest A? Or maybe Olympiacos B v Olympiacos A? You decide.
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