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  1. Roos Bogle Wisdom Davies (C) Malone Shinnie Bird Whittaker Sibley Knight Martin Subs- Ravas, Fozzy, Lowe, Huddlestone, Lawrence, Waghorn, Marriott
  2. I know people like to slate Lawrence but my god he is crap. Huddlestone has been totally ineffective.
  3. Aren’t agents supposed to be a spokesperson for their player. Either way the bloke’s a tit. How dare a footballer be asked to play football.
  4. I’m not sure that I can see a situation where several reports from Turkey are proved wrong by Ryan Conway (a guy who’s never had an exclusive story), and Steve Nicholson.
  5. I mean this is the guy that tried to replace Will Hughes with Tom Huddlestone and Kieftenbeld.
  6. I don’t mind this at all. Good impact sub, loves the club and runs his arse off. Became a bit of a cult hero at the end of last season with the greatest goal scored ever against Wigan and the goal against West Brom. He sort of reminds me of Adama Traore from Wolves but on less steroids.
  7. Reckon Max Lowe is probably set for POTY if he continues his current form.
  8. I prefer him carrying the ball from deep, doesn’t have the end product to be a ten.
  9. Hamer Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe Holmes Bird Waghorn Rooney (C) Knight Martin Subs- Roos, Bogle, Bielik, Huddlestone, Sibley, Lawrence, Marriott
  10. Surely Martin deserves to start instead of Lawrence if we’re judging from the Palace game.
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