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  1. Because Forsyth can’t play 3 games a week.
  2. 1) Why are people obsessed with a points deduction that might not even happen? 2) There’s no such thing as a best 11 anymore, even Liverpool don’t have a set one that starts every week. You need a good squad, players that can be called upon when needed.
  3. I love Bucko, but he’s not the most articulate fella.
  4. We have the money- we’re just not allowed to spend it.
  5. Why sell Bogle,Lowe and Bird when these are the sort of players we should be building the team around?
  6. Apart from the areas where we’re in real need of reinforcements like goalkeeper, centre half and winger, one thing I’d really love is a proper clinical striker, just a shame any half decent ones cost an arm and a leg.
  7. I hope Zoon never plays for the club again. Not because I think he’s crap- but because he wore gloves. Makes you sick.
  8. That’s not negativity that’s just being realistic.
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