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  1. It was more of I wouldn’t turn up if I hadn’t been payed so why should they
  2. Think we could see a lot of under 23’s in this fixture
  3. You make it sound like he can choose whether he has depression
  4. 1 unlucky defeat where we deserved to win and the Rooney haters are out in full force. We’re a clinical striker away from having a very strong starting 11.
  5. Rooney has already shown more ability to coach a defence than Lampard, under Lampard we would have lost Wycombe, Coventry and Millwall 1-0
  6. You don’t get prizes for repeating the word over and over you know
  7. Percy says he’ll go in the next 24 hours
  8. How many managers have taken over whilst bottom of the league?
  9. I hope Wassall applies or gets interviewed, especially as he should’ve been caretaker anyway.
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