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  1. If this is the Wayne Rooney Show, can someone please change the channel?? Seriously though I do wish that the BBC (among others) would stop referring to us as Rooney's Derby County.
  2. Rafa coming to Derby? About as likely as me being picked for the Rams 1st team....Though as a slightly rotund, greying haired 52 year old with knackered knees, I'd probably make the subs bench.... 🙂 Seriously though, Rafa would be an amazing coup, but if the rumours about the salary he's on in China (£12 million?!) are true, then we'd not have a chance of getting him, but stranger things have happened in the world of football...
  3. Neither Rooney or Terry.... Rooney now seems to only going through the motions (and I can't see that improving any time soon), and needs experience as a manager, and John Terry has always seemed to me to be a glory hogging attention seeking pillock and the type to blame everyone else for something that is entirely his fault.
  4. No, not nearly ready enough to manage a Championship club. Needs to be assistant to someone with much more experience. If we can get Eddie Howe or Paul Cook (for instance), then by all means set it up so that Rooney transisitions to player/assistant manager then assistant manager when he hangs up his boots. But at the moment we need an experienced hand steering the team and Rooney is not it.
  5. If we could get him (and the lure of the takeover may help), I'd go for Eddie Howe. Cocu's had long enough, and 11 games into the season we should not be behind a side that started with a points deduction.
  6. I think if we get rid of Cocu, then we've still got a chance of saving this season from being a complete disaster. I don't think we'll be bothering the top 6 this time around, but as long as we're not shaking hands with League One then I'll be happy.
  7. Back many years ago, I was out in town during my lunch break and nipped into HMV (up on St Peter's Street at the time). I'd got the album I wanted, and was queueing up at the counter. The guy in front of me paid up, so then I paid up, and as I turned around, I nearly walked smack into Roy McFarland, who was next in the queue! Also, when I was a kid the local post office was run by Henry Newton..
  8. Of all the pig-headed brainless morons in the world, the EFL must be at the top of the pile. They get laughed out of the tribunal, their experts were incompetent, they could have sought clarification from the club but didnt bother and obviously didnt like it when our alleged breaches of FRS102 turned out not to be breaches of FRS102, and now our wording of the amortisation policy which still abided by EFL rules is the only thing they can complain about. As far as I understand, they cant present new evidence, so it seems more a case of "We (and Steve Gibson, though if anyone asks he's
  9. Though it's looking unlikely that the EFL are going to appeal, I think that until Wednesday morning (when the 14 days are definitely over) I'll hold off celebrating. I wouldnt put it past the EFL to wait until as close to the deadline as possible before they announce that they're appealing. On a side note, there's an interview with the ex-chief executive of West Brom on the BBC sport website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54046448 which makes interesting reading. Some of what he says seems (IMHO) to back up some of Mel Morris's alleged position (specifically the comments
  10. Racial abuse should never be tolerated, and any perpetrators banned for life. There's a line which should never be crossed, but unfortunately too many seem to think that racial abuse is fine (hopefully that 12 yr old idiot from Solihull will get his just desserts). I remember many years ago being at Pride Park for a match against Leicester (Robbie Savage and Stan Collymore were playing for Leicester). Stan Collymore was getting a lot of stick from the Derby fans about Ulrika Johnson. That sort of mickey taking is (I feel) acceptable. However later in the game Collymore injured his leg
  11. Think FFP has just been blown out of the water (or at best holed below the waterline). This is going to have massive implications for clubs across Europe. I agree with Milleniumram that if we've done something which was within the rules then the EFL/FA are on very dodgy ground if they try and punish us.
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