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  1. If Gillett wants to buy a club, please can someone point him away from Pride Park, and up the M1 to Bury, where they'd appreciate anyone over the current owner... We don't need Gillett trying to do with us what they tried to do at Liverpool.
  2. Hi all...first post so be kind... If Lamps goes then we need to try and get someone from the same mould...so a young manager near or at the start of his career rather than another candidate from the usual managerial merry-go-round. Bearing some of the candidates currently available (such as Pulis, Karanka and now Roy Keane's available as well), someone new would be beneficial to Derby rather than the same old stuff that these managers always play (Anyone really fancy a season of Pulis's Hoofball?) Personally I'd also prefer it if it was someone with no Red Dog connections, as some of them have gone on record in the past saying they hate Derby. If one of those turned up, we'd all know it's nothing to do with trying to get Derby promoted next season, but they're just bothered about their wage packet.
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