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  1. Hi all.. After all this is done and dusted, what do you think the state of the game in the UK will be? My opinion - that there will be a backlash against the bigger clubs and massively loaded players for not stepping up financially with regards to furloughing non-playing staff. I also think that some clubs will disappear altogether from the scene, or there will have to be a series of mergers of smaller clubs to prevent clubs going into administration. What does everyone else think?
  2. I remember one game (vs Swindon) at BBG when about half a dozen Swindon supporters got into the Popside (about 8 feet from where I was standing). They were being idiots and were intent on winding up us Derby fans.. I seem to recall that it took the stewards till early 2nd half to move them out of the Popside , despite several Rams fans telling the stewards right through the first half that they were there and intent on causing trouble...
  3. Reluctantly Out... I appreciate that any new manager needs time to bed in and get his style of play across, but 17th in the table at the halfway point of the season is (in my opinion at least) not acceptable. Were we going to be challenging for the title? I honestly couldn't say, and it's pretty obvious that we're missing the touches of Mount, Wilson and Tomori and the injury list is a concern, but we should be better than 17th. So either he's lost the dressing room, or he's been hyped up to be better than he actually is. If he's given the rest of the season, he'd better make sure that we don't get relegated, or he's certainly going to sent back to the Netherlands with his P45.
  4. It's being reported as breaking news on the Daily Mirror's website... Great manager...RIP
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