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    Bubbles got a reaction from IslandExile in El DerbyCo   
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    Bubbles reacted to Keepyuppy in El DerbyCo   
    It never cease to amaze me how suddenly people become experts in business, finance and football takeovers - when in reality, their only expertise is on kebabs, eBay and Amazon. 
    All I care about is being able to watch my team, hopefully do well, be entertained - and that’s it. 
    I’ll just chill my beanz and watch other ‘know it all’s’ go in to sizemic meltdowns 🤔
  5. Haha
    Bubbles reacted to Pearson. in Bucko to coach the U23s   
    Were a joke.
    Detach your self from the sentiment, and I was one of his biggest admirers, but why are we employing him?
    Having watched his embarrassing failure at Burton it's lost on me.
    It's bad enough appointing unproven novices but employing ex players that are a proven failure just beggars belief. No wonder we are in such a mess.
  6. Like
    Bubbles reacted to Taribo in "Great signing!"   
    A think a lot of your list is based on 'how we turn them crap' hindsight, my list of great signings predicted (or hoped for) at the time would be along these lines:
    Jordon Ibe
    Mike Te Wierik
    George Edmundson
    Patrick Roberts
    Beni Baningime
    Teden Mengi
    Matt Clarke
    Jack Marriott
    Florian Jozefzoon
    Krystian Bielik
    Martyn Waghorn
    Harry Wilson
    Andy King
    Fikayo Tomori
    Mason Mount
    Tom Lawrence
    Andre Wisdom
    Curtis Davies
    Kasey Palmer
    Matej Vydra
    Ikechi Anya
    Kyle Mcallister
    I'm not sure many people thought Byrne was a good signing at the time. 
  7. Haha
    Bubbles reacted to Olton Ram in Nicky Butt   
    So The Sun may have made an ass of themselves with this Butt story. I'm not sure he'd want to come to a club near the bottom of the Championship; it'd be a bit of a bum deal for him

  8. Clap
    Bubbles reacted to David in Mental health and footballers   
    It’s the one year anniversary of lockdown, my theory is that a lot of anger and frustration from that is being vented through keyboards. 
    Patience is at an all time low as football, one of our outlets has been taken away whilst at the same time coincides with our worst season for a number of years.
    Context is completely lost, we’re seeing all that anger and frustration spew out.
    Frustrated myself, but I’ve found stepping away from the internet and social media, just taking the dog out can relieve that. Amazing what a bit of fresh air can do.
  9. Clap
    Bubbles reacted to IslandExile in Mental health and footballers   
    Footballers are well paid for doing something we all love - playing football.
    That does not mean that they are open to abuse. It does not mean that they do not have personal issues. Stresses. Mental health problems.
    Twitter is Twitter. But I've seen posts on here discussing Rooney's dropping of Waghorn, in which some people have said things along the lines of "I don't care about Waghorn, he's rubbish anyway, it's time he was called out".
    I don't know what behaviour Rooney found unacceptable, so I do not know whether leaving him out was justified. I'm not even talking about whether Rooney should have kept things in-house; that's been discussed on other threads.
    What I am saying is that it's not acceptable for people to dismiss any mental health issues that Waghorn is suffering from, merely because he's a well paid footballer or because he misses too many chances.
    This treatment is not confined to Waghorn. There have been other derogatory comments made about Jordan Ibe who is known to have issues.
    If you want to criticize a player's football ability, that's fine, but please show respect to the human being.
  10. Haha
    Bubbles reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Has Rooney been more successful as a player or Manager of the Rams?   
    That question is a bit like asking whether you'd rather catch the clap or mumps. 
    Both nasty conditions but hopefully not fatal.... 🤣
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    Bubbles reacted to FlyBritishMidland in Managers shaming players   
    I’m not a fan of this but it does depend on the individual as well.  Some will rise to the challenge, others it could put the fear of God into and they regress further.
    Part of the issue I have with Rooney doing it is he was hardly pulling up any trees when he was playing.  His performances were below par but his attitude and leadership on the pitch was lacking and I called it at the time.  We’re couldn’t buy a goal, never mind a win and a young team was looking to their captain for leadership and it wasn’t there.  I wonder if some of them have that in mind.
    It also seems be a regular tactic.  He’s called out Holmes, Sibley and Waghorn during his short tenure.  And it’s not just about those 3 individuals as others may be thinking “am I next”.  You mention Jose @Sheikh n Bake but he has credit in the bank and natural respect that years in management and multiple titles and cups brings.  Same with Fergie, etc.  Rooney has the sum total of 4 months management experience including his interim spell.  His record as a player counts for nothing.
  12. Clap
    Bubbles reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Managers shaming players   
    Agree. I don't like it. It seems really bad, especially given he's a novice, played badly himself this season, the team is dire. It's really looking like the bad workman who blames his tools.
    It's dull, but, the classic "i thought the team i selected was the best chance of winning. if there are individuals i'm not happy with they'll know that but it's my team" line is often used because it's usually the professional answer to the question.
    Perhaps he hasn't realised yet the reason fergie could bomb players out the squad for whatever reason was because man u had other players and Derby, er, don't.
  13. Like
    Bubbles reacted to FindernRam in Managers shaming players   
    Its not totally new but there is a trend amongst some managers to publicly shame named individuals. Paul Jewel did some, Nigel Clough often did it and now Rooney is making a regular thing of it. I think it is totally wrong both from a man management perspective and ethically very unbalanced.
    Rooney can criticise Sibley, Holmes, Waghorn in public, but they have no way to respond. Imagine if Waggy came back and said "training is a joke, how can I take it seriously?" or Sibbo says" He wants me to shoot but how can I do that if the ball goes 10ft over my head?"
    It seems a sign of desperation and blame deflection. Also a lack of authority.  Top managers may berate a whole team but only name players they want out! Training stuff should stay private.
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 
  14. Clap
    Bubbles reacted to Andicis in New management team required - NOW   
    Maybe we would occasionally have a shot on target, or who knows, maybe even average a goal a game. Ground breaking stuff, I know. 
  15. Haha
    Bubbles reacted to Chris_Martin in New management team required - NOW   
    I'm Back!
  16. Clap
    Bubbles reacted to Andicis in New management team required - NOW   
    To everyone who responded with ''aged well'' or something similar, this thread aged perfectly. We're in serious danger of going with Rooney at the helm, and getting a draw in one game wasn't enough to claim otherwise. The original poster had a valid and in my opinion, correct point. I welcome people calling me a mardy toddler now. 
  17. Haha
    Bubbles got a reaction from Mick Brolly in v Stoke City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Louie Sibley.
    Sat 20 March
    3PM Kick Off.
    Louie Sibley.
  18. COYR
    Bubbles got a reaction from jono in v Stoke City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Louie Sibley.
    Sat 20 March
    3PM Kick Off.
    Louie Sibley.
  19. Like
    Bubbles reacted to SKRam in v Brentford (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I think the effect of his good friends’ injury and loss to the team has been under estimated too. I believe they are close friends (needs verification!) and it may have affected his game. I think he’s a very talented player and we’ve seen glimpses of his skills, so much more to come. Just have a few words about staying on his feet, I think refs are aware of his Chris Martin skills now.... or for those of my generation, his Francis Lee skills 
  20. Haha
    Bubbles reacted to roboto in Abu Derby County   
  21. Haha
    Bubbles got a reaction from SKRam in v Stoke City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Louie Sibley.
    Sat 20 March
    3PM Kick Off.
    Louie Sibley.
  22. Like
    Bubbles got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in New management team required - NOW   
    Haha! Why not, eh?😁
    You know what Mr. Exile. That is something I’d bloody love to see!
  23. Clap
    Bubbles got a reaction from IslandExile in New management team required - NOW   
    Haha! Why not, eh?😁
    You know what Mr. Exile. That is something I’d bloody love to see!
  24. COYR
    Bubbles got a reaction from Ghost of Clough in v Stoke City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    We need Louie Sibley central on saturday.
    I’d also like to see Edmundson over Wisdom.
    But, no matter what, we need to see Louie Sibley central.
    What a bloke.
  25. Like
    Bubbles reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in New management team required - NOW   
    Hoping that something will after the second half....maybe Rooney's going to learn from it.
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