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  1. My first post. I hope that it’s not too controversial. Let’s get real. Lamps is going. Mel gave him his opportunity and we had probably the best football since Macs early days. We thank him for that but he has so much to thank Mel Morris for. Lampard gave us a season but DCFC gave him a career. Now all he is doing is sitting on the beach and waiting for his Chelsea contract. In the meantime the Rams can’t get on with prep for the new season. As Frank said himself, we are down to a squad of around 14. What player with any pedigree is going to come to us if they don’t know who’s going to be the manager. In the meantime Chelsea are in no hurry With their embargo they don’t need the same prep Come on Frank get off your deckchair and do the decent thing. You can afford the 4 Mill. Resign and claim it back from your new employer. Let Mel who has been so good to you get on with giving us fans hope for the new season.
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