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  1. Absolutely spot on ! My thoughts entirely. The only question is why it has taken so long to come to this decision and why wasnt he suspended from the club. I think also many other footballers across the country may just be taking note and will maybe...hopefully, think before driving after drinking in the future.....they could be one accident away from the same fate. Now that would be an interesting situation for our overpaid, prima donners in the Premiership and indeed their clubs. Imagine a top four Premiership club sacking their top striker who has bust his knee badly and who is earning half a million a year .
  2. I made a very good career out of turning around poorly performing factories. In all of the cases i had to introduce then establish a new way of doing things that would turn the performance around to the benefit of the business and its owners. Absolutely one of the first jobs was to assess then weed out the managers/supervisors who couldnt or wouldnt change to my philosophy. This would include those who were too set in their ways (because they had done things the same way for years), the 'clique' group, (normally led by a gobshite) those that were in positions which they were clearly out of their depth, those that , maybe, wanted to change but clearly were not good enough and finally those that were lazy and just were happy to turn up and take the money every month without taking the responsibility and those that talked a good game but couldnt actually do it. Occasionally there were some who i realised could be developed and would react to my mentoring......even though this would take time and even then they may not make the standard i was expecting. This assessment, though a priority, took some months and even then to move or get shut of some took a lot longer and all the time the clock was ticking and if a factory doesnt perform, its costs are not in line with budgets etc and given the owners can get quite panicky, the axe can fall pretty quickly. Not exactly a Football Club like Derby County but a similar scenario. In all cases I formulated a period that included a short term plan which bought me time to establish my own team and staff and working practices, outlining expectations and training as part of the implementation of a forward plan. This short term plan was often painful in that some days I would question if I was making any progress at all, but experience told me to stick at it and work to my overall strategy. In nearly all cases i would say to the owners it would take x number of months or years....the average was probably 2 years. The moral of sharing my experience is that PC is in a similar position in my eyes......therefore, despite the frustrations lets support him and lower our expectations even for the short term which is this season. He has the pedigree and the experience.....and character to turn this team around. Mel knows this i am sure. PC will know what he has to do. This time next year is the time to measure progress. I guarantee the team will look completely different.
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