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  1. But we don't plug the gap in the back with a cdm (central defensive midfielder I presume), we plug the gap with one of our attacking midfielders. So Morrison drops back to collect the ball from a centre back, both reducing our attacking threat, and leaving him to either punt up field to one of our strikers (who were completely dominated by their defenders), or a pass to Bird or Shinnie, who are then more advanced than Morrison. I just don't get it. And as for pressing the opposition, how come every team seems to be able to do it except us? Completely dillusioned with the performance of the team at the moment. Still going backwards in my opinion.
  2. Quite a strong Derby team, so 🤞 Derby win Birmingham 1 Derby 3 FRGS Sibley
  3. My bad. Getting my Wembley and my Warsaw all mixed up. Easily done. Joz having a good game though, but how good a player is Lewandowski?
  4. Joz' is starting at Wembley tonight against England. Quite unusual to want England to win, yet also want one of the opposition to have a blinder. Come on England Come on Joz'
  5. When you put it like that, it just goes to show what a crazy club we support. The only memorable (or should I say forgettable) moments you missed from my personal point of view were the Wembley loss to Leicester, and the floodlight failure on the first game at PP. It could only happen to us! Of the so called big clubs, only Man City have really faced any hardship over recent times, although fans of all the big clubs would argue otherwise, just because they miss out on the top four every now and then. Who would really swap being a Ram for any other club. Not me.
  6. But when we are in the position we are in, very small squad, lack of experienced players, lack of confidence, why is our inexperienced manager not keeping things simple. Today we had Lawrence touching the ball more times taking the ball from the centre backs than in the attacking half of the field. Graham Shinnie appeared to be playing at left back. We had centre halfs taking goal kicks, passing the ball 5 yards to Roos, immediately putting the defence under pressure as Peterborough sussed it out. We wasted free kicks trying to be clever when all we needed was a ball into the box where our big men were waiting. Then Wayne brings off Morrison and brings on Joz to close the game out. I'm struggling to see how any of it makes sense. Yes, it's easy to say would anyone be calling for Wayne to go if we had held on for a win, but let's face it, a win would only have papered over the cracks which are showing no signs of disappearing.
  7. Sounds complicated to me. If we were a confident passing team, it might work, but struggling like we are, why can't we adopt a more simple approach?
  8. Why is Tom Lawrence constantly coming back to take the ball of the centre backs. Isn't that what Bird is supposed to be doing? If Tom is going to effect the game, surely he needs to be receiving the ball further up the field.
  9. Away support looks good and loud on the telly COYR
  10. Peterborough 1 Derby 3 FRGS Captain Tom
  11. Am I missing something here. If the squad is the same as Saturday, does that means Morrison isn't included?
  12. Derby 2 Huddersfield 1 FRGS Shinniesta
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