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  1. I'll never forget Boxing Day 1995, away at Huddersfield. A 1-0 away victory which I think took us top of the table at the time. Probably the coldest day ever watching footy! Spent the whole match standing up, struggling to see past this giant man in front of me. Turned out to be Igor's Dad. He didn't speak much English, but there was no mistaking the genes. I've never got particularly close to Igor himself, but if he was anywhere near as big as his old man, then no wonder he dominated matches the way he did. As others have said. Absolute legend. If it wasn't for a growing up watching a ce
  2. And almost 2 years later to the day, even though Clough and Taylor weren't reinstated, we thrashed Real Madrid at home in the European Cup. Dam those early to mid seventies were so eventful. Makes recent events look pretty insignificant don't you think?
  3. Forest 1 Derby 2 FRGS Knight. I'm with you 1967Ram 🀞
  4. It might just prove to be a blessing. We'll see later tonight. Cocu might be in a worse position if we happen to play well without him. Is Rooney guaranteed a starting spot when he is able to return?
  5. Terriers 1 Rams 2 Tom likes playing away at Huddersfield. Was one of his 1 in 10 performances last year (tin hat on!), so Tom Lawrence FRGS.
  6. Why not. He looked quite sharp in his brief appearance on Friday.
  7. Apart from that free kick, exactly what has Rooney brought to the party recently. He's slow and ponderous, and being isolated upfront isn't exactly providing and guidance, support or influence others youngsters elsewhere on the pitch. This might be just the opportunity we need to shake it up a bit. Get somebody up top (anybody) who is mobile enough to pressure defenders, drag them out of position and there comfort zone, and be in the box for when those few crosses from the wing backs come in. Step up a hero please!
  8. Norwich 2 Derby 2 FRGS Joz' Finally a point 🀞
  9. Please can we all refrain from complementing Leeds. I live and work amongst them and they are just lapping up all of the praise being thrown their way for the way they are playing at the moment. If any of their posters were to find out that we secretly admired them, it would get unbearable!
  10. Quality stuff. Well done all involved. Don't post much myself, but I know this forum wouldn't be the same without B4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. Couldn't agree more. I've loved watching these lads break into the team, but defensively, they have at times been our Achilles heel. How many times have they failed to stop a cross, been out of position, or given away a stray pass. Inderstandable really. Good full backs need time to learn their craft. Hopefullly they will both continue to develop and become regular Premier League states. At the moment, Fozzy and Wisdom would be a solid pair of full backs for us, especially if behind proper wide men. So let's wish them both well, and reinvest some of the money into positions that will
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