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  1. I'm more worried about the Wendies. What odds are they?
  2. So we might be forced into an attacking line up?
  3. Said on jest, but let's not forget, our youngsters got a taste of European football not long ago. And they certainly didn't look out of place against the European elite.
  4. Curtains. We've probably had our best times being Rams fans (well I won't ever have better times than those 80's years, even if we were to reach the promised land). Dark Fruits is part of the generation that need something of their own. A season (or 2 or 3) filling away ends, seeing the team win some games, and genuinely having some good times would spark a bit of much needed life into our club. Maybe time to just hand over the baton?
  5. Think you must have hit the repeat button by mistake Curtains. Unless you're genuinely not happy that other fans actually have a different opinion to yours!!!
  6. Having been born just as we were having our glory years, I too fall into the category of growing up as a Rams fan in the 80's. Those were my glory years! I may too have rose tinted glasses, and think that spending a couple of years in the third tier might be fun. But I was a teenager then, travelling to every away ground on the football special trains, standing on the popside for all home games. It was brilliant! But football moves on. However, there is a generation of fans out there that have never really seen much success as Rams fans. Yes, we've flirted with success, we got t
  7. Derby 3 Norwich 2 FRGS Shinniesta
  8. Reading 2 Derby 3 - Goal fest please 🤞 FRGS Sibley
  9. 😀😀😀 Actually had me going for a minute. Worrying thing is though, it was believable!
  10. Don't recall seeing anything about any of our current players likely involvement in the upcoming internationals. In seasons gone by there was always a handful of our lads to watch out for. Any chance of Joz appearing against England?
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