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    taffyram reacted to Topram in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Would love Martin to bag 
  2. COYR
    taffyram reacted to bigbadbob in Come on Derby time put them lot down A52 in there place   
    I don't even need to read B4's posts anymore. I just stick a coyr picture thing on there in the knowledge all is good. Coyr.
  3. COYR
    taffyram reacted to B4ev6is in Come on Derby time put them lot down A52 in there place   
    Well lads only 24 hours till the big one now and nearly time go to battle even through the stands will be empty but in spirt pp will be back and willing to win and get into play off places let shut those lot called tin pot forest. We know that city right behind and from the distance you shall hear mighty black and white army cheering you on.
  4. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Mucker1884 in Come on Derby time put them lot down A52 in there place   
    Probably best that he's posted it early, to be fair, judging by how long it just took for the bloody page to load up!  It'll be Friday before most people get to read it!    😲
    Anyway... I'm off to check out another thread, before bedtime...
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    taffyram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Philip Cocu   
    Yes the critics have gone very quiet and rightly so. I was worried at Christmas when let’s face it we were right on the verge of a relegation scrap, I feared Mel would end up being forced into a decision which would have set us back considerably, those wins against Charlton and Barnsley were huge and if we do get promoted this season you look back at those games as the turning point. We’d have been sucked into the bottom 3 if they had gone the wrong way. Cocu has also had flak for the team he put out at Forest in the cup. But Mel trusted in Cocu, his record and Cocu despite pressure to be short termist stuck to his principles and played the long game, for example the 3-0 forest defeat was a massive step for the likes of Louis Sibley about what is needed at this level. 
    We are now seeing the performances that PSV fans promised we would and with the youngsters getting better and better, I haven’t been so excited about a team since Jim Smith.
    It could happen this season, it might not but regardless - we are definitely on the up and further more it looks like we’re building something sustainable.
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    taffyram reacted to CamsChorizo in Philip Cocu   
    Some early tough losses, and I (along with many others) was calling for his head. But what he has done despite missing training and friendlies in the States, the drink driving incident and losing our captain as a result, losing Wilson/Mount/Tomari from loans, to piece together this season and have the Rams peaking at the right time has been beyond impressive! If Rooney had been in Derby from the jump, they are top 3. 
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    taffyram reacted to Srg in Philip Cocu   
    And we are doing it with players that weren’t even brought in specifically to do it
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    taffyram reacted to IslandExile in Philip Cocu   
    I'm not one of those types that takes gleeful satisfaction from saying "I told you so"........but I did. 😀
    In fairness, there were a few of us but it seemed like a minority earlier in the season.
    Anyhow water under the bridge. What Cocu has achieved this season, in the face of the series of upheavals, has been staggering and far exceeds even what I thought was possible.
    COYR 🐏 Come on Cocu 🐏
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    taffyram reacted to LeedsCityRam in Philip Cocu   
    Cocu is a class act. Humble, considered, intelligent & patient...everything you would want from someone in charge. He's dealt with everything in this crazy season with the upmost professionalism.
    Ive highlighted your last paragraph as its clear Cocu relishes a project, not a short term turnaround job. More than any manager we've had, I feel he's most likely to leave a legacy & not have his head turned by a Prem club in need of a salvage job.
    As Ive said elsewhere, the good fortune to have Cocu, Rooney & one of the most exciting Academies in Europe all at the same time feels like the stars aligning. Whatever happens this year, I believe Cocu will be with us for a while yet & that future will look very bright indeed.
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    taffyram reacted to Leicester Ram in Philip Cocu   
    The way we’re playing it out from the back right now is amazing, seeing flashes of what he can achieve and it has the potential to be better than anything we’ve seen at Derby this millennium.
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    taffyram reacted to CBRammette in Philip Cocu   
    Agreed.  I also liked that he looked as worried as I felt in the last few minutes
  12. Haha
    taffyram reacted to SIXTEEN AGAIN in Philip Cocu   
    Must time for a sack Phil poll.😉
  13. Clap
    taffyram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Philip Cocu   
    Philip Cocu is fast becoming one of my favourite ever Derby managers, during the time I have followed them. Jim Smith is number 1 and it will take a lot to change that.
    I cant think of another manager I've liked more than Cocu, he has had the kitchen sink of bad luck thrown at him and he has dealt with it with utter class.
    I thought Frank was a gentleman and I honestly thought we had a classy manager in him, with all due respect to Frank, he could learn something from Cocu.
    It always puzzled me why Rooney was so keen to work with our Phil, it's very clear why.
    Cocu will manage at the highest level in England if he wishes and I have a feeling it will be with the Rams.
  14. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Steve How Hard? in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    That means they predicted us to either lose or draw. I think you should expel the lot of them. Bloody non-believers. 
  15. Haha
    taffyram reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Top eight posters never picked up a single point between them,in the Prem. Top of the league?  You're having a laugh..
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    taffyram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Brentford match on Sky   
    Perfect for the rest of us who travel abroad to watch our games
  17. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Potential Investor Henry Gabay Arrested.   
    Another one for the long list on this thread
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    taffyram reacted to RamLad1884 in Lampard vs. Cocu   
    Lampard arguably had one of the best Derby squads of recent times to use, Cocu has had to patch us together with virtually no time and very little money (and no Chelsea to help him too). 
    To be able to even compare the two with results shows how brilliant a manager Cocu is. 
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    taffyram reacted to Andicis in 20/21 Away Kit   
    Very meh. I don't hate it, but it's not exactly inspiring. 
  20. Haha
    taffyram reacted to sage in Why I Don't Think We Will Make The Play Offs   
  21. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Will we make the play-offs   
    I'm not sure, I'll tell you next season. 😉
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    taffyram reacted to rynny in Louie Sibley   
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    taffyram reacted to David in Louie Sibley   
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    taffyram reacted to Carnero in How many wins do we need then   
    Yep I think 5 wins is the minimum, may need another draw or 2.
    It really depends who we beat, if it's 5 that includes Preston, Cardiff & Forest then that is better than 5 that is made up of Leeds/WBA/Brentford/Reading/Birmingham.
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    taffyram reacted to TuffLuff in v Millwall (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Fantastic that.
    Top performance
    Youngsters shone
    3 fantastic finishes from Sibley
    Full credit to RamsTV. It could so easily have gone wrong but no lag, no buffering and great commentary from Owen and Shane. Round of applause to them.
    We look a better side than last year, not better players but more settled.
    You can see why away sides have won more so far, Derby played like a home side when they had no pressure from the terraces.
    Clap, clap, clap. A great day, now to enjoy a few drinks outside 
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