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  1. Clap
    taffyram reacted to loweman2 in The colours of 1884 (please read)   
    After years of work and research here it is !
    The Derby County shirt worn in the inaugural season of 1884 by the pioneers of our club, Cambridge Blue, Amber and Chocolate Brown the first colours of the Rams, it was thought that the early colours were blue but it was a shade of blue called Cambridge Blue which is actually more of a green. The badge was the badge of the Derbyshire FA that a player was permitted to wear if they had been selected to represent the Derbyshire FA.
    we have had two made by a local tailor after we sourced the correct colours and the materials, the embroidery was done separately, even down to mother of Pearl buttons, it is to add further integrity to the book but moreover to show where the club evolved from, the team that wore these colours set the precedent for all those that have followed, the shirts will be on display at our Rams Heritage roadshows later in the year.
    brought to life after 137 years by Phil Lowe & Jason Shardlow.

  2. Like
    taffyram reacted to Eatonram in Administration is it the best option now   
    Anyone who thinks administration is the answer I feel does not understand the full implications of this process. 
  3. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Administration is it the best option now   
    Even if we went into admin, wouldn't we still be in an embargo due to not submitting the accounts? 😂
  4. Clap
    taffyram reacted to SunnyRam in Administration is it the best option now   
    Well yes, leave it to the people that actually work at the club? 
  5. COYR
    taffyram reacted to Eatonram in When support is needed most   
    Not surprisingly support increases when a team is doing well, just remember the heady days of 2014 when Pride Park was filled to the rafters...."Since I was young" bouncing off the roof.......
    Ironically we are in a hole, the polar opposite situation and I suppose many supporters will...."stop supporting"
    As a fan base, have we got the metal and love for the RAMS that the club is going to need over the next year or two. We often talk of our fantastic support, well we'll see. I rather suspect it will turn out not to be as solid or loyal as we often believe.
  6. Clap
    taffyram reacted to Tyler Durden in The DCFCFANS community   
    It's good to have diverse opinions but it's also good to have diverse opinions respected.
    When I read comments about having your teeth punched down your throat for allegedly being an anti fan then I seriously question that. 
  7. Haha
    taffyram reacted to i-Ram in The DCFCFANS community   
  8. COYR
    taffyram reacted to Curtains in The DCFCFANS community   
    Great place to be. 
    Keeps us all sane really.
    Its good to have diverse opinions.
    Up the Rams. 
  9. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Ambitious in The ultimate blame   
  10. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Tyler Durden in The ultimate blame   
  11. COYR
    taffyram reacted to David in Odds on relegation   
    Save your money. We’ll finish above Boro, Forest and Bristol City rattling half the Championship as Jozwiak and Bielik tear them all a new one. 
    It’s written in the stars.
  12. Clap
    taffyram reacted to Srg in Out Of Contract   
    Buchanan and Lawrence the only two with any value. The rest are getting on or just a bit average. 
  13. Like
    taffyram reacted to Carnero in Out Of Contract   
    I should bloody hope we'll be out of the embargo at some point this season!
  14. Like
    taffyram reacted to Ramslad1992 in Tamworth   
    Can only see things like this being a good thing. We send some out our lads on loan to gain first team experience and we potentially get first dibs at any youngsters they have. 
  15. Like
    taffyram reacted to NottsRam77 in Tamworth   
    “Release” a few accademy players who just so happen to rock up at Tamworth .. get themselves a season of game time and to see if they earn their stripes for a certain parent… I mean random championship clubt o resign them when the dust settles ?? No too far fetched ?
  16. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Tamworth   
    We've shut Moor Farm, sold off the fixtures and fittings, and outsourced the production of future youth players to Tamworth.
    If outsourcing has worked for call centres I'm sure it will be fine for football clubs... 🤣
  17. Haha
    taffyram reacted to JfR in Tamworth   
    Derby having a youth development centre at a club who are nicknamed the Lambs is perfect
  18. Haha
    taffyram reacted to Ambitious in Tamworth   
    Are we a feeder team for Tamworth now? 
  19. COYR
    taffyram reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in 2021 / 2022 New kit   

  20. Haha
    taffyram reacted to EnigmaRam in Forum Member Manager Suggestions   
    We would be screwed if we got another pink kit though 
  21. Like
    taffyram reacted to Phoenix in Forum Member Manager Suggestions   
    B4. No contest.
  22. Haha
  23. Haha
    taffyram reacted to hintonsboots in Deeply worried for under23s   
    Are you sure he was from this Forum?
  24. Haha
    taffyram reacted to bimmerman in Deeply worried for under23s   
    Wouldn't worry about under 23s mate, save it for the first team!!
  25. Like
    taffyram reacted to loweman2 in Once Upon A Time in 1884   
    I have been reading again Peter Seddon’s great book “ The Men Who Made The Rams”, the story of the birth of our great club, I have then tracked the original newspapers from 1884 to see for myself just what was happening 137 years ago, it’s an interesting read ! 
    I intend to add stuff on a regular basis, knowing the history of your club is an essential part of supporting your club, all of this stuff is out there preserved for future generations but how many people know that or how to access it, not many, so  I’m going to share it.

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