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  1. one player that I’ve always liked is Mckenna from Aberdeen. We are in need of defenders so maybe worth a go.
  2. If i remember rightly they were interested in Cocu a few weeks (maybe months) ago. will they reignite the interest again ?
  3. Any one tell me how our keeper is doing? Was it the right decision to bench Roos ?
  4. Does anyone know if this match is available on sky with the red button or do I have to listen to Radio Derby ?
  5. I actually agree with you to some degree. He hasn’t played anywhere close to his potential in any of the games so far. I’m hoping Holmes will come back from injury and offer competition in that position to help him fight more for his starting place.
  6. This is a stamens and a half. In the last 12 months I’ve never been more excited as rams fan with these legends being part of the club. The extra income from tv matches and sponsorships will cover his wages and some. The players motivation will increase 10 folds with him being around the club and what Mel has done to increase the Derby brand while remaining in the championship is nothing short of amazing. I just hope he doesn’t hit the headlines for the wrong reasons during his time with us.
  7. Really impressed with that 1st half considering PC has only had a month at the club to make his changes.
  8. Louby

    Max Lowe

    I don’t think we should sell. If we sell what is the point investing so much into the academy to sell our young players for a few million if that.
  9. Where did Birmingham find that sort of money ? I thought the had money issues at the club last season
  10. Apparently we are interested in Juventus striker Stephy Mavididi https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-linked-loan-move-2965651
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