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  1. I think i am sorted.... what great guys are rammers
  2. Think this guy already let me down.... not sure i would pass for under 21 despite my porcelain skin and youthful demena
  3. Cheers mick appreciate it.... come on guys anyone!
  4. Just the one ticket here guys... suspect it a non starter now... im already at St Pancras
  5. Looks like holyram has let me down... no contact for 2days... looks like im in london & again ticketless.... so where in the city pre-game are people heading? Is there anyone in the same position and needs a beer buddy?
  6. Don't take the p1ss boys & girls 😁.... 5 minutes ago I was looking for a beer buddy, now Im off to Wembley....Get In COYR
  7. One would hope so RAMalicious 😁
  8. WOW, are you serious.... how can we do this then?.. I will be in London from 09.00 Monday morning... Where is the seat location
  9. Dear All Rammers I will be in London on Monday (from early morning) but sadly I didn't get a ticket. Is there anyone out there in a similar position who needs some company watching the game on TV and drinking copious amounts of alcohol? Let me know and a location. Would be great to find a boozer with fellow rams bouncing together.
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