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  1. It's probably not wrong to say that most clubs overcharge for second division football from my experience tbh
  2. As others have said the demise of demand pricing has been a real killer on the wallet for those of us without season tickets. I had one from when i was 8-18 but i went to uni in Lancaster and had to give it up. Last year I got to 9 games in the regular season as I try to average one a month. I currently live in Leeds and am a PhD student; with a £30 ticket, £25 train fare with dinner and a drink thrown in it becomes a very expensive business. The club can't do anything about the train but they could do something about the pricing structure which is expensive for second division football. Even if demand pricing goes out the window their should be a better pricing structure which incorporates more people and becomes a more affordable experience for those of us who want to go to a decent number of games but can't afford the season ticket.
  3. second highest goalscorer in premier league history, had a good season at everton 2 years ago and has been scoring and assisting for fun in the MLS... but yeah of course he's not good enough for us
  4. It is genuinely difficult to believe that we've gone from Rowett to Cocu in a matter of a couple of seasons let alone having Cole at left back and now Rooney leading the line. The commercial opportunities i imagine are quite large especially when it comes to televising games. I'd also imagine tickets would be far harder to come by if we were going well by January and Rooney came in 🙂 All in all it's a great deal for the club as his record in America has been consistently good and he was a solid player for Everton when he was played in his best position.
  5. Please let this happen. I've not seen him much at DC United but he seemed perfectly capable at Everton when they actually played him in his best position. At 33 he's still within his sell by date and would be a great leader for the squad to have. If you think of the increased profile of the club he'd easily pay for himself as well which is another bonus.
  6. That's a possibility, I can't drive myself so it'd have to be @OUTSIDER if we did that
  7. Thanks 🙂 I'd be happy to meet you in Derby etc. and you can drop me off in Derby and can get a bus back etc. 🙂
  8. That's probably the real problem in Syria, just too much dark fruit drinking going on 😂
  9. Not a problem 🙂 I enjoyed our pun off aha 🙂
  10. I was thinking of writing 'I'm Bahraini finished as well' but that was just too far out 😂😂
  11. Pretty much 😂 although I am trying to develop a new way of looking at sovereignty which might be useful for Western Europe one day as well 😛
  12. I can't Kuwait believe it (that one is awful but I'm running out of countries)
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