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  1. That table shows points based on the band of the players current club not the buying one doesn't it? So depends on what band Darmstadt is in rather than what band we are in.
  2. Third choice...his first choice was Henry Gabay and look what happened there..
  3. It sounds to me like the £500k is to cover any loan fee plus the wages for the next 6 months. Sounds like they're asking us to sell him for the loan fee value (say £60k) and save the rest on the liability of the wages from the next 6 months. I think our issue is basically we need the £500k lump sum now to cover other things, and we will kick the can down the road and deal with the wages we need to pay him and potentially lack of money on a month to month basis. I imagine if Man City had paid his wages monthly rather than in a lump sum at certain intervals we probably would have
  4. Was a member off the popside forum who contacted the ticket office about the direct debit not being taken. He posted the reply on one of the threads.
  5. Unnecessary items like a kitbag?
  6. No I think it's a different Sheikh. This is the one that has just invested in Beitar Jerusalem: http://sheikhhamadbinkhalifaalnahyan.com/ This is ours (well ours within the next 24/48 hours): http://binzayed.com/chairmanprofile.htm
  7. What he doesn't take into account in his analysis is how much capacity does the local hospitals have. It's ok the figures going down, but they need to replicate into lower % of capacity used in hospitals before we can lower the tiers, otherwise hospitals will become overwhelmed.
  8. Just want to play devils advocate here, but I don't think he went for the money. I read an article when he left Newcastle (https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/02/rafa-benitez-reveals-left-newcastle-neil-redfearn-enters-frame-replace-10102048/) where he said his preferred choice would have been to stay at Newcastle so he could develop them as a project and get them to be competitive in the Premier League, as opposed to managing Dalian Pro. The reason he left was due to lack of trust between Owner and Manager. With that in mind and also the fact that Dalian Pro are currently 7th out of 8th in
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