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  1. Plenty of tickets left, click there and it opens up the away stands to be selected.
  2. I think it will be the away kit to be honest. This is the original, the doctored picture is the one with the pattern continuing up the sleeves. A guy on twitter mocked it up to show the difference, as he thought it would look better with the pattern continuing.
  3. The 20/21 Hearts Kit unfortunately
  4. Are you sure that is what it is showing? I have renew status as 'Not Renewed' in the 2020/2021 columns, but that means the renewal for 2021/2022 hasn't happened yet. Quite confusing how they do it, but that is the way I've read it, as my 2020/2021 rows have 'Active' in the status column.
  5. That table shows points based on the band of the players current club not the buying one doesn't it? So depends on what band Darmstadt is in rather than what band we are in.
  6. Third choice...his first choice was Henry Gabay and look what happened there..
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