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  1. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Yeah, £10 offer - we have to do these things, shame we're not one of only two clubs around about the place...eh...
  2. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Glad you're valleyram and not cliffram......
  3. The reality is

    Reality is - real We'll stuff them shaggers on Sunday.
  4. Rowett

    Good old GR - gone up in my estimation. Proper wound them up hasn't he, I hear they're saying he stuck two fingers up at them, tweeting the EFL. It's quite obvious he's not sticking the V's up. They always have to moan about something, Chris Martin didn't play and now they have their own little diver so they can't moan about that, Nigel Clough wasn't there to knee anyone after the match and now they have their own little foot stamper so they can't moan about that. So we've got Rowett losing the plot because he had a bit of banter I mean, we all know how Karanka can react to a bit of pressure. Bit of harmless fun and they foam at the mouth llike rabid reddogs. Hilarious.
  5. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    Think they're in pole position.......running rings round everyone.
  6. Favourite Derby shirts

    That made me laff - childish? moi?
  7. Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Can he just fly back for tomorrow, picking up bucko Ward Hendrick and Bryson on the way...
  8. Robbie Savage - Comments in BT Sport

    Brilliant away game that was. Everyone in fancy dress. I remember a Blackburn fan walking the length of the pitch to clap us. We really were in it together. We stood and clapped what someone shouted was the team bus...only for an old Albert Wilde coach to chug slowly past with the people on board wondering wtf was going on Standing at anfield singing ‘7-6 were gonna win 7-6’
  9. First pubs visited

    Vulcan Upstairs
  10. The Rams are coming...

    It’s gonna be turf ..
  11. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Old heads have old legs. Don’t get me Started on Wisdom
  12. Will it be on?

    We’re at home. We have a strong professional squad. We’ve no need to fear anyone least of all Fulham. Christie might play ffs. We got this .
  13. A bit of mild weather on the way...

    Jesus, just clicked on the last page of the thread hoping to find some lovely snowy photo's of peoples gardens and find an argument on racism. Seriously.
  14. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Least we’ve got a thing... You’re not even that interesting. Aren’t you embarrassed coming on here after a win??
  15. The Fans’ Responsibility

    I wasn’t far behind you then. Thought we were crap today as a force. Always think the away fans are louder as they’re all together and ‘away’ but today? Apathetic

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