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  1. My friend was there with her little 11 year old sister - had a great night - now obviously traumatised. My daughters' friend was there - he said he felt he was running for his life. I can only imagine.
  2. I nipped on last night, felt for them a bit tbf although I didn't want them to win. Forestieri eh. Came down this morning, MrRam said, 'miserable morning' - I said 'could be worse, we could be Sheffield Wednesday fans'
  3. Could do with Reading staying down tbf - youngest going to Uni there in September - but if Sheff Wednesday beat Huddersfield to get to Wembley, I'm stumped because I would hate them to go up - so I dunno - just hope 'Udders do 'em tonight and go all the way. Except, the 'Udders fans I was sitting near in the pub when we played them at home were proper cockwombles - laughing about our 11 point season when they've not been in the prem since forever ago so...bloody Fulham, the only team I didn't mind.. Oh I don't care...Que sera sera and all that..
  4. Have him back in a heartbeat - scored today..........
  5. Be better for Liverpool....
  6. Deliverooo - seems a good sequel to Just Eat...They might deliver to us out in the sticks then...
  7. Would have loved to have gone to Wigan in the day, I did eventually, not in that way though.
  8. In the daytime...
  9. I wonder if it goes the other way, sort of gives them a sense of superiority...that's not the right word, just makes them feel pampered, a bit spoilt...get them running round allestree park like Nigel did..slum it a bit lads.
  10. Arrived and having a's a bit early tbh.
  11. See yall tomorrow. Roll on next per....
  12. Everyone goes on about us beating them next season - they'll be in a better position then - we only took 3 points of them last season - send the feckers dahn....
  13. Get them down - couldn't wish for a better end to our rubbish season, although we've done well to end up where we are, but let them go... I love you from the bottom of the championship....., Rotherham, Forest, Birmingham too...
  14. I'm in
  15. yes, do you think Martin Russell and Bryson are the ones to keep? Martin you can't argue with as he hasn't played for us this season but do you honestly think that Russell and Bryson are the ones for next season? Or are we just hanging on to them because we love them? They're our comfort blanket? We've got to let go sometime.