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  1. Derby County V Birmingham City

    I have a bad feeling... We played Birmingham on our wedding day...lost 3-0 We played Birmingham on MrRams 50th Birthday...lost 0-3 even my brill rendition of Mr Brightside that night in Jorrocks couldn't lift our mood.. Tomorrow, it'll be 25 years since me and MrRam met. Who's the Jonah? Hmm
  2. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Whenever I see a man with a beard like that I think of Ronald Dahls Mr Twit or a man with a beard of bees. Neither image is pretty tbh.
  3. Is Max Bird.....

    I'm between the manager and the chairman.... think about that...
  4. Derby County v Hull City

    Just being a nice caring poster...
  5. Derby County v Hull City

    MrRam said at kick off - I forgot to set it for record - maybe it's a good thing, we haven't watched one back for a good while. Are there any highlights, whilst I'm waiting for midnight
  6. Derby County v Hull City

    Hope you're better soon matey. xx
  7. Means what? why would they chose Winnall? then they requested Butterfield - Doesn't make sense? haha bit of a backlash me thinks
  8. Is Rowett up to the job

    Yes he is up to the job - he needs time. Seems a lot of new folk on here with negative posts, Do you all remember last season?
  9. Sheffield United v Derby County

    No need to apologise and I think it is the fact that they wound you up because we were poor they're telling you things you don't want to hear perhaps in an emotional way when your emotional enough as it is. we have so much sanitised news nowadays I like a bit of emotion especially from the BBC 😐
  10. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Haha, they made me laugh actually - I felt exactly the same as them - they're alright - shows they care. Ed can start with the negativity a bit soon sometimes but rather have them two and Owen with a bit of emotion than some boring commentators.
  11. 17/18 Third Kit Revealed

    Nice - shame I don't wear them, might treat the others though. Is it pre-order or are they on sale now?
  12. South stand....

    We've changed seats this season, just gone a few rows back (saved ourselves 135 quid each ticket) and Im sure I'll get used to it but bloody hell - get what you pay for I guess. I've already given MrRam a telling off - to ignore them behind. the bloke infront tho'
  13. South stand....

    I agree totally with that - they were very quiet till they scored tho'.
  14. flying ants

    Fokin things - I thought it was just one day - happened at ours a month or so ago - maybe they've just not communicated properly. You'd think in this day and age they'd get it right.
  15. South stand....

    Should have made North Stand cheaper for families with kids - South Stand for ya lads and people who want an atmosphere, maybe not as cheap as North Stand but they can afford it. South Stand were ok yesterday, they usually wind me up but they did try. Let down a bit by the team. When we're both on form it's awesome but unfortunately, it's very rare. I feel it's like gary said - we're not owed anything because we're Derby County, 27000 fans there yesterday - whoop de doo - 20 odd thousand moaning tw@ts, who needs that? I don't expect everyone to sit and take 5hite football but who do we think we are sometimes? I'm so not a happy clapper but yesterday, some of the fans were just unreal.

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