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  1. MrsRam

    Notts County away ticket details

    Out the World Cup - on to Notts. Hooters first. Heard their wings are nice. 👀
  2. MrsRam

    Your all time classic tracks

    On an advert now but what a tune....
  3. MrsRam

    Your all time classic tracks

    Keep fighting Elvis Costello.....
  4. MrsRam

    Your all time classic tracks

    Brill album - bit of bass guitar - and Brandon - what's not to like.
  5. MrsRam

    Best Looking Player

    Exactly. Is he a keeper?
  6. MrsRam

    Best Looking Player

    Chrissy has something about him - and Frank - but I'm old so... Something about a bloke that posts photos like Roos does, Just get on with the job lad.
  7. MrsRam

    Where have Derby managers lived?

    I heard that too. Christine’s been seen in boots wyvern a couple of times.
  8. MrsRam

    Alan Sugar

    I hope it’s not racist
  9. MrsRam

    On baby - best punk track ever!

    I was on the young side when the punk scene emerged, my brother was older, so I just heard all his 'records' proper vinyl and my favourite band then were the clash - looking back, I liked Mick Jones singing, better than Joe Strummer, they were more melodic, I think and my two favourites were;
  10. MrsRam

    On baby - best punk track ever!

  11. MrsRam

    The Curious Case of the Frank Lampards

    Or Neville Nevilles
  12. MrsRam

    Gary WHO ?

    Can’t wait for next season. Don’t give two whatever’s about rowett or stoke.
  13. MrsRam

    Official: Jody Morris appointed assistant manager

    Was beginning to worry he wasn't coming - chuffed he is.
  14. MrsRam

    Geriatric Floresta

    Just had a quick look on LTLF - they need a bit more pepper with it. 👌💦 the emojis on here tho' haha - who drew them - Helen Keller?
  15. MrsRam

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Just makes me sad that we are even arguing about thousands of girls, as young as 12, systematically being groomed and raped. Because of religion.

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