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  1. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    I'm just thankful we're able to watch a decent stream free of charge.
  2. Dr Who

    Ooh mafia ---- you just beat me to it...
  3. Dr Who

    Only had it a couple of hours...........
  4. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    And my daughters. She's 22. happy birthday xx
  5. POLL: New kit

    Bit miffed, like the shirt - but don't buy one - so the second part of the poll doesn't affect me, yet I have to vote....pah.
  6. worst car you've had

    I had a lovely XR3i - red it was, worst car I had was a silver XR2 - horrendous thing used to dread going out in it - I swear smoke came up through the heaters once but my dad thought I was dreaming. Soon got rid. Had two minis, one bright blue one, my first car that was ok - and one orange one with bucket seats so only my little sister could get in the back - and the smallest steering wheel ever, I was once parked outside my mates house and someone came to the door and said if you ever sell that mini, I will have it off you........someone kindly wrote it off for me not long after that....bstrd.
  7. Standing on planes......

    And as for standing on planes - I hate standing on the Amberline to Derby - so it's a no from me.
  8. Standing on planes......

    If the oxygen masks came down on a flight I was on I think I'd just faint. Went on a trip in the Dominican Republic once, to swim with dolphins - we went on a bus, potholes as big as houses, people banging on the bus windows, trying to get on when it slowed down - then to an airport that was just a shack at the end of a runway, lovely planes coming in and out - we joked when this old ex army plane landed - haha, that's ours. It was. We took off and for the first five minutes, the pilots window was still open. I don't even think it was turbulence, I think it was just 5hit flying. I sat there, whilst the kids and MrRam were sat talking and laughing and I thought, whats up with everyone? Can they not see that this plane is not fit, all the instructions on the seats and the doors were in Japanese???? Welcome to Kamikazi Airlines, I've never been so scared in all my life. I was just sat looking at everyone else..see their faces. Eventually, landed, brace position eh? just me then. Off the plane, onto another bus, where the dominican bloke was telling us nobody is insured, why would they, they have a crash and go home, no problem, he was saying it like it was a good thing........ Swam with dolphins, bless them, they tried to calm me down but I knew we had to go home the same way in the dark, somehow that was better. Anyway, we survived, got to the hotel and felt like Michael Palin tbf.
  9. Disillusionment

    My youngest is going to uni in September - Reading. Too far from home. Eldest is in Nottingham, as you know, she's in her last year - hopefully, she'll be a teacher - a teacher - she couldn't even boil an egg at home never mind teach kids... The best thing you can give your children is roots and wings. We have to do that for Will - we've given him the roots - we can't give him wings - someone else will have to do that.
  10. Disillusionment

    If you really love him - let him go....... Not a joke, but bloody hell, he needs to flourish, he's stayed with us through thick and thin - time for him to fly.
  11. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    We all knew it was time for him to go - infact, we all knew he stayed a couple of seasons too long. I had a tear in my eye reading his goodbye - but bloody hell, he needed to go for his sake. We're just selfish wanting him to stay. He's done what's right for him. Good luck to him. That loss at Wembley cost us a hell of a lot.
  12. Poppies

    Apparently, it's off to Cardiff mid July so if anyone hasn't seen it yet, get yourself down - costs nowt.
  13. Poppies

    As it's Armed Forces Day and we had a few hours where we were all together as a family, we nipped to the Silk Mill and had a look at the poppies - proud of my city and my country today - what a sight.
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    But we didnt't make them poor? they came here for a better life - are they poorer now?
  15. Your all time classic tracks


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