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  1. NHS

    Haha that's why I explained it, even I didn't know
  2. NHS

  3. NHS

    I agree, we should do what dentists do and charge them twenty quid for a missed appointment. I know you pay for dentists but something should be brought in.
  4. NHS

    People like free things (I don't mean your mum Paul) and they like to get their moneys worth. We have a poster up at work £900,000 a month on missed appointments in our trust - that's nearly a million pounds (for those of you who don't know lol) EVERY MONTH. Makes me weep.
  5. NHS

    I work in the NHS - just moved to a big department seeing over 150 patients a day (not me obv) and the one thing that annoys me more than anything is the people that don't turn up. The ones that phone an hour before their appointment time, what is that all about? You probably moaned to me that you had to wait about 4 weeks for your appointment in the first place - we could have filled that four times over. One woman phoned about ten minutes before her appointment saying she couldn't make it because the hairdresser had just put a colour on her hair, she was running late...........WTAF - could she remake it for tomorrow anytime after 12? Err, no. A fortnight is the first one - isn't there anything sooner - YES, there's one in about ten minutes free Patient choice.
  6. Sexual Harassment

    I think it's good women (or men) can speak up more about behaviour they don't like. Looking back, there have been a few occasions I have been very uncomfortable with luckily I was able to deal with it, (as you can imagine ) - having worked many years when I was younger for a Plumbers and standing on the Popside in the 80's I acquired good language and self defence skills. It just seems to be getting a bit daft.
  7. They did trial no pre match music for a while last season I think.... It was poo, hence the pre match music now.
  8. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Thought their fans were rubbish today, from the off they were quiet, was expecting more from them, lol at the song - gary 'oooper haha, think they might have stolen that from.......err...wait.......err.......no fecker..
  9. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Thought he showed it last week as well - hopefully, he'll be back in the starting squad sooner rather than later.
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Oh dear never mind might be something you like next week.
  11. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Just watching it back He was sitting next to Bucko as well.
  12. If we lose Sunday...

    We are the Rams, oh yes we are the Rams...
  13. If we lose Sunday...

    Younger than you.....
  14. If we lose Sunday...

  15. Not a sell out ?

    Well the daughter asked us if she could come to the match on Monday, we'd just flown back from Spain so looked ontinternet couple of seats in south stand, near to the wall, as we're up in swc..... MrRam, says we'll go to the ticket office, after you've done some shopping .... He ends up two rows back in South Stand All they've got left - that was Tuesday

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