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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    They usually come on here when they're really bad - embarassed really, they post how they are mad at the way they are playing and make themselves sound like victims of it almost and folk feel sorry for them, they've got ***** owners and are having a hard time. Then they beat Arsenals C team and are on here like flies round pooh - giving it the biggun - pretty football - we beat Arsenal. How are you doing in the cup?
  2. We need a chant for Vydra!

    don't want to nit pick but perhaps the second verse should be; Chim chiminey, chim chiminey Chim Chim cher - ee We've got Matej Vydra He'll probably score three..... It's the wrong way round but it will do....
  3. New Years Resolutions

    Happy new year everyone Believe
  4. Christmas Food Cupboard

    Mine are home from uni. Loving all this free, fresh food. No 80p Aldi pizzas in this house.
  5. Wrapping Christmas Presents.

    I can wrap a box and it looks like a quality street tin. MrRam however is very good (sad) at wrapping and takes ages on each one making sure all the corner and edges are taped up, making it as hard to open it as he can. We've stopped morning about it now hoping he'll stop. I doubt it though.
  6. Live games 2017/18

    Doesn't me - just scoring the penalties is the name of the game
  7. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    My daughter was in A&E on Sunday morning waiting for her friend. She got called an inbred by a Forest Fan - he said 'have you come about your extra fingers and toes?' She replied 'No, I've got eight fingers, two thumbs, ten toes - oh and three points - how about you love?' I don't know where she gets it from haha.
  8. Keogh is Igor

    Like you say - Keogh is Keogh Igor is Igor . Can't we have both.
  9. Said to MrRam - there's some names in that there Viilla squad..... Just names duck.... Fcukin love my club
  10. Today's ref

    thought the lino on my side (SWU-west side) was a bit wussy waited for the ref to tell him.
  11. Today's ref

    premier league ref.. MrRam said the same - he was ok tbf
  12. A Duck Cob

    Someone told me once that a cob stands for 'Circle Of Bread' - I don't know if it's true.
  13. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Anyone know what’s up on a38 just before alfreton? We’ve come off and gone A610
  14. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Thanks for that angie.
  15. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    We usually go to that metro dome place but I’ve seen on Facebook a social club 10 mins walk from the ground and a couple of quid to park. S70 1UD. Might give it a try.

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