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  1. Users will have pupils like flying saucers and the eyes will look ´glassy´. Many words can be used to describe their behavior, arrogance, confidence and short fused. They can escalate a situation alarmingly quickly and can become really aggressive. Quite sad that this drug has found its way into match days. In my day it always used in nightclubs and stag do´s.
  2. We can nick this... Nothing to fear here. I was going to make a statement, but I won´t as it might bite me in the @rse later in the second half. #bluntblade
  3. Wazza Rooney is a Ram, is a Ram, Wazza Rooney is Ram, He hates Morris !!! Great to hear someone taking ownership / leading the club. Not bothered about the prospect of league one, a dominion of vocal chairpersons, a spineless, structureless entity that is the EFL will endevour to relegate us regardless of results on the pitch. Feeling much more positive following the events of today and the unity being displayed by fans has really shown that we are a prospect for potential buyers. More importantly, a step forward to securing the future of Derby County FC. COYR
  4. off tangent somewhat, just got my ticket for the Swans game, West upper, are the refreshments stands in service ? Coming from Iceland, i won't have a track and trace barcode, anyone know if this is detrimental to get into the stadium ?
  5. Have just booked flights (from Iceland) for Swans game and the double header in Feb v P'boro and Millwall. Hate the position the club finds itself in and sincerley sorry that I cannot do more from afar, but really encouraged in how the fans are coming together and showing unity. We can but hope that the club come out the otherside and that we can still watch on from the terraces, wherever we are. COYR
  6. Blancmange has more consistency than the refs in this division.... terrible decision to book Shinnie.
  7. Bold statement... ITK ?
  8. They beat us 4-1 at PP.... Hardly lacking fight and bottle. They showed more fight than our sorry lot I'm afraid.
  9. Turgid... on the plus side, Swansea heads are elsewhere and are not the threat that we feared. My treble is looking good. Weds X Derby X Blackburn 2
  10. I won't say it Jimbo... and you can't make me
  11. Speak for yourself.... I'm willing the Owls keeper to have a shocker
  12. C´mon Roy...due diligence. Make sense please. By the way, I disagree. Might I also add, I´m bloody delighted by Rotherham´s failure.
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