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  1. Bold statement... ITK ?
  2. They beat us 4-1 at PP.... Hardly lacking fight and bottle. They showed more fight than our sorry lot I'm afraid.
  3. Turgid... on the plus side, Swansea heads are elsewhere and are not the threat that we feared. My treble is looking good. Weds X Derby X Blackburn 2
  4. I won't say it Jimbo... and you can't make me
  5. Speak for yourself.... I'm willing the Owls keeper to have a shocker
  6. C´mon Roy...due diligence. Make sense please. By the way, I disagree. Might I also add, I´m bloody delighted by Rotherham´s failure.
  7. ...I can't even listen to the erm guy anymore. Go home Ermrooney. For the love of Derby Mel, give us a chance and get rid.. please.
  8. Most people use a sick bag... still, use whatever you have to hand. Get well soon mate !
  9. If you stick a quid on then maybe you could buy the club !....
  10. Couldn't agree more, imo that correct move. Ermrooney has tried to be proactive in naming more creative players and it simply hasn´t worked because the work ethic wasn't there. Our purple patch was almost based upon playing three at the back and being solid, still being 'in the game' in the later stages a la wycombe. I hope this works, not for Ermrooney, but for US, the fans who quite frankly have had a horrid ride this season. I haven't been this nervous since the play off final v Villa. COYR
  11. ....feels like Charlie looking at a golden ticket. Oh I wish we could......
  12. ...blimey Charlie, someone up there likes us.
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