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  1. Now that would be a serious case of deja vu!
  2. I have no idea if this is true but a few weeks ago a mate told me that he'd heard that Rooney is going to be our next manager whenever Cocu leaves. He's definitely not at all itk but if what he's heard turns out to be true, then Cocu has at least till the New Year to try and put things right.
  3. duckst supposed to read forest - stupid predictive text!
  4. Please don't tar everyone with the same brush, I've been going for nearly 60 years now and not once have I booed the team off the pitch - and even if we lose the next 6 then get humiliated by duckst then I still won't boo!
  5. Well being even more positive, pre kick off on Saturday I said that 21 points from the next 7 games was possible - I don't expect it to happen but looking at those fixtures then it could be achievable!
  6. Just read that his contract ends on December 31- wonder if Mel is thinking of making him our second January signing!? 🤔😂
  7. I think it's time for waghorn to be taken off penalties, missed 2 out of 4 and arguably cost us 4 points - if not then I don't think that we should let any player take more than one penalty a game.
  8. I totally agree and another good idea but while we've got the existing system then we should at least expect the staff to give a damn and try and serve those waiting in a timely manner - from what I've seen and heard then many of them need a rocket up their bottoms - and on top of that, I wonder how much money dcfc are missing out on because of this slow and inefficient service.
  9. That's true but more efficient staff would at least help a little - as for vending machines, great idea, I can remember going to Holland in about 1970 and being impressed by vending machines in the streets dispensing hot dogs and other similar things - surely almost 50 years on it's not beyond our capabilities! something has to be done to improve the half time experience for those that want to venture down into the concourse!
  10. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but the first thing dcfc have to sort out for me is having enough competent/efficient staff at the bars for half time so that everyone who wants to be served can be served without having to miss the end of the first half or the beginning of the second - surely they must realise we are there to watch the footy and not to queue for half time refreshments! I used to go down for a half time wine (not whine) every match but haven't done that for over 10 years now due to the pathetic service by staff that clearly have no interest in getting you served in a timely manner (do they have any idea of how long half time lasts???!!!) dcfc and the company involved should be ashamed at this level of service! If it was an efficient service and a better quality of beer, wine, food and snacks I'd be prepared to pay a bit over the odds for it and may be even go to the ground earlier and have a pre match drink but whilst they continue to have crap staff serving crap food and drink then they'll not get a penny out of me!
  11. For me he was full of promise and excitement when we got him on loan, unfortunately when we gave him a full contract his performances fell away and it all ended very disappointingly - don't think injuries helped him though to be fair.
  12. I can understand that now you've pointed it out thanks but I just get a bit fed up when I see the same almost pointless topics being constantly regurgitated - it's like if I kept asking at the end of every season if we'd have won the double had Charlie George stayed fit - I think we would by the way!
  13. it will be when we get back to 1956!!
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