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  1. Thanks for that GoC, pity, I'd have liked it to have been - hopefully we can be the youngest to win a cup match instead though 🤞
  2. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or speculated on but I wonder if this could set the record for the youngest team ever to play in the FA Cup?
  3. Thanks for the info about the FA in charge of refs and not the EFL, I'd forgotten that - still be nice to get a penalty though despite there being no guarantee we'd score it.
  4. I've been surprised by the number of penalty claims we've had turned down this season and I accept that this might be me being a bit paranoid or thinking there might be a conspiracy theory against us but it's crossed my mind that in the absence of being able to give us a points deduction, the EFL has instructed refs not to award us a penalty in order to punish us in other ways. I'm trying to forget most matches this season so can't list them but, every time I think we have a decent penalty shout dismissed, the thought crosses my mind and with each additional one I wonder even more. Anybody els
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