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  1. Here's a name to spark a debate and before anyone/everyone sets on me, I'm not suggesting that we give him the job but, despite not liking the man, I think he did a pretty good job in his first season as a manager at Fleetwood - Joey Barton anyone?
  2. Might've ruled out Monk too cos think I read that one of the reasons he left Birmingham was because he didn't want to bring the academy players through as much as the owners did.
  3. What concerns me is that since I first starting watching the Rams in the early 60's I can only remember two occasions when I think a new manager has carried on or improved on the good work done by his predecessor (Mackay following Clough and McClaren following Clough) It's a worrying stat and doesn't bode well to me but fingers crossed that Mel appoints someone that at this time next year I can say that I've got three names on my list instead of two!
  4. Just because I've never rated him as a manager and I think he's divisive which would be a shame after Frank has built a good team spirit. I don't want the poison dwarf back either despite his team spirit and siege mentality - both him and Keane would be an argument or fall out just waiting to happen and I'd rather not have that - if Frank goes I'd prefer someone who could build on the positive things he brought to us last season. As for Mac3, I'd rather not but wouldn't say definitely not, would depend on who his number 2 was for me, Simmo was instrumental in Mac1 success and deserved as many plaudits as Jody is getting now - all I want if Frank goes is someone to build on last season and play entertaining attacking football, not someone who will ignore what happened last season and start from scratch with a completely different idea of how the game should be played.
  5. Fleetwood or Salford away for me as they're the only grounds in the northern draw I've not been to
  6. sorry, didn't manage to get anymore tickets, sold out before I had a chance - I hope you manage to get sorted though
  7. sorry, all sold out as my turn arrived, fingers crossed you get sorted though
  8. sorry just got to my turn in queue to be told sold out - hope you manage to get one from somebody else
  9. not surprised really, soon see as only 2 minute wait now - apparently!
  10. I'm still in queue but only 3000 in front of me now!!! what age group of ticket do you want if I have some spare?
  11. ok, I'm 16863 in the queue at the moment so don't expect the tickets we want to still be available by the time I get on, will post again when I know.
  12. HI everyone, long time reader but never got involved, unfortunately the Wembley ticket fiasco has made me do it! Like many of you we didn't get tickets in the block we wanted and so settled for elsewhere in ground only to find out today that tickets in the block we wanted are now on sale! Consequently, I'm thinking of buying those we wanted but that will mean I have 9 category 2 tickets in block 503 to get rid of - 4 adults at £79 each, 2 over 65 at £41, 1 17 - 21 at £60 and 2 under 17 at £41 (prices include admin fee) Before I made my decision to buy I was wondering if any forum member would be interested in any of them? pPreferably someone near ilkeston as I would like to get the ticket/money exchange done before the day of the match. I hope this post has come over ok as I'd hoped my first ever post would have been more thought through and less rushed so apologies if any of it offends anyone for any reason.
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