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  1. I did all of them on Tuesday with my better half and two forest fans, we all really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone, great job by everyone involved and well worth doing irrespective of any football allegiances, some great ideas and artistic talent on display.
  2. When we're mathematically safe from relegation?
  3. I'd heard that we had the pitch relaid a couple of weeks ago and that's why we couldn't train on it prior to the Chorley match when Moor Farm was closed due to the Covid outbreak.
  4. Thanks for that GoC, pity, I'd have liked it to have been - hopefully we can be the youngest to win a cup match instead though 🤞
  5. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or speculated on but I wonder if this could set the record for the youngest team ever to play in the FA Cup?
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