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  1. OOPS sorry read your post wrong,im in bed ducked with the flu,wont make it down now.
  2. No i am not a rangers fan,supported the Rams since the early 70s
  3. Travelling down next saturday from Glasgow for the day.
  4. Yeah,been following it of course,but heading down for the day,8am train down,head back not long after the game,looking forward to it.
  5. I am heading down next week for my first game of the season,ducking idiots.
  6. Always going to happen,guy is a Chelsea legend,oh well time to move on.
  7. Good luck to my fellow Rams heading down to the game.
  8. Let the Villa fans talk us down,thats fine,we will do our talking on the pitch.
  9. Any real fan would never sell a ticket to another fan more than its worth.Its a joke as real fans miss out.
  10. Excellent stuff,from someone going through his own battle,i think the amount of fans and clubs doing this the better.
  11. Hello,im in Glasgow,its going to be a bit too much for me at this time,but will definently catch up with you during next season down at Pride Park.
  12. Any other Scots on here who are maybe driving down to Wembley.
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