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  1. Be mindful that this view is coming from a Chelsea perspective. Sari is very much a Marmite manager. I am broadly neutral about him staying or going but what some would see his strengths are to others a weakness. For instance he will stick with his philosophy but that to many is a weakness as he doesn’t seem to be able to adapt if needed Examples of that were at Man City and indeed Bournemouth. Or what about playing Kante in a more advanced position? He clearly hasn’t been able keep his emotions in check and the disengagement with some of the match day crowd comes about because of all the above manifesting itself into predictable substitutions and a lack of focus at certain key points in games. Is it too early if Frank is to take the Chelsea gig? Well only time will tell but gone are the days where managers were expecting to in effect serve an apprenticeship. Managers, or head coaches as they are now called in the PL don’t in general get involved in player recruitment or indeed contract negotiations nor do they drive the mini bus, take responsibility for planning training or assessing a players fitness. What they do have to do is gather a top team of loyal competent coaches, performance experts, analysts, medics, fitness gurus, motivators etc around them, a team that buys into a core philosophy . They have to manage egos, determine that philosophy, be good in front of the media but just as important they can delegate and empower. The irony for me is that many of the great mangers of the past just wouldn’t succeed in the modern era. Many served their apprenticeships at lower league clubs . Would Lampard have been appointed at Derby as a first job say 20-30 years ago ? I very much doubt it. For me things first changed at Chelsea not when RA turned up ( which of course was massive) but when we appointed Glen Hoddle who came from Swindon, his first job, after around 24 months and yes that is longer that FL has had at Derby but Hoddle took over a Club at Swindon that had huge off the field problems and yes some say we do but Swindon’s were far worse. In other words we appointed a novice and took us in huge steps forward. As you have witnessed we have some huge talents graduating from our academy. Mount is highly thought of, Tomori not so but there are others Hudson-Odoi who sadly is injured as is Reece James and indeed RLC add to them the likes of Ampadu & Tammy Abraham, all who should be knocking on the door at Chelsea ,but for the first time in the Abramovich era the potential head coach may not have the same performance targets being set as in previous years, due in the main because of the transfer ban which may just buy the incoming time. Time will tell if Frank lands up at Chelsea but If he does the question of compensation will be interesting but some times compensation is better taken by way of things other than pounds sterling for as I say we have some huge talents graduating from our academy and if you could tie up a couple from the likes of Charlie Brown , Connor Gallacher . Marc Geri or Daishawn Reda then you wouldn’t be too disappointed. Apologies for the long post. So to the abuse!
  2. Pretty sure I read that in the same period that Abramovich has owned Chelsea Derby has had more mangers.
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