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  1. I emailed the ticket office last week and received the following: Thank you for your email. I can confirm that you should receive your Season Ticket Card in the post late July. Hope this helps.
  2. While a top 6 finish would be nice, until the transfer window closes and we have a good idea of our squad composition it's hard to interpret our final position. As things stand and form isn't a factor I would agree with @Marriott Ram99 and would say 8th-12th.
  3. Ordered online and arrived today. Definitely my favourite shirt in recent years and was hoping to wear it on Wednesday but the missus wont let me have it till fathers day, stickler. 🙁👎
  4. I quite like it, sleeves are a little eccentric but it's fine. That's fathers day sorted anyway.
  5. I agree, I was not a fan of the grey shirt. I'm hoping for a return of the 87/89 away 🤞
  6. I'm still positive despite Monday's result. As has been said the youth development is great, there will be lots of clubs willing to loan their promising youngsters after the seasons Mount, Tomori and Wilson have had. The wage budget will be relieved with departing players and I'm hopeful that positions will be strengthened and we will hold on to the likes of Bogle. While promotion would have been brilliant, I now have 23 games minimum to attend instead of 19. I'm optimistic about next season and don't have many reasons, if any, to be negative.
  7. I believe this is the B4 rally everyone has been waiting for. I just hope we get another one closer to the date @B4ev6is !
  8. Thanks for the advice, I'll do what I can!
  9. I will probably grab a breakfast there with my old man, nice one! We plan on going straight from Derby station to St. Pancras and using the metropolitan line to Wembley.
  10. Refresh the page a few times till it turns green. Worked for me yesterday.
  11. Ok, I'll trust U2 do that
  12. Hi, RnWes here. Long time lurker on the forums but never contributed to discussion until yesterday to confirm B4 is indeed legend. First game I attended was with my dad at the Baseball ground, I don't remember who we played but Dean Yates nodded in from a corner that day and it was the season of 95/96. I was a glory supporter in my younger days but after my dad kept taking me the games throught the next season I was following The Rams full time. I've been to lots of games over the years, home and away and I took my oldest son of 4 to his first match against Rotherham this season, great first match for him I must say. Now I've posted a few times I'll stick around and get involved I guess.
  13. Not a fan of those Adidas GK shirts, few more years and iterations of it and Jorges Campos will be will be coming out of retirement. Southampton ones are not much better either.
  14. I think it's amazing how well he is received on here. At first I thought it was some kind of parody account but when I saw the photo in this thread it all fell into place. Most legendary and positive supporter there is, was and ever will be.
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