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  1. Yeah, we didnt play great, but we did try to go forward and learnt from last years mistake where we tried to beat fulham with anti football (Steve Bruce stylee) and hitting them on the break, we didnt play great but Dean Smith has/had us playing in the right way since he came in, and the push towards the end of the season where we won 10 straight was nothing short or a minor miracle. So yeah, we didnt perform to our best, neither team did tbh, its a high pressure occasion and sometimes the best you can ask for is the team you support not to bottle it, (which is a concern as Villa have a history of bottling it). All the same, it was a good game overall, and although i ofc wanted Villa to win, i hope you get your chance next year.
  2. Villa fan here (i come in peace). Just wanted to say well played and although i obviously wanted my team to win, commiserations to you all. Myself and nearly all Villa fans i know said that if we were to lose to anyone in the playoff final we would prefer Derby as they are a team who like to play real football and dont play dirty all the time (dirty Leeds and WBA). All i can say is we lost last year and know how you are feeling now, and if you guys keep developing you might get your chance next year, you have a wonderful, young & exciting team, and i have no doubt if you can keep the core together and add a few players you will be a force again next season. Well played, keep your chins up (i know your pain), and good luck for next season.
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